Despite Surge In COVID Cases, Officials Says Tokyo Olympics Still On

CBS4's Ian Lee has more on the upcoming games.

Video Transcript

LAUREN PASTRANA: Now at 5:00, we're inching closer to the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo. Despite being postponed for a year and a surge in Japan's COVID cases, officials say the show will go on. CBS 4's Ian Lee reports from London.


IAN LEE: When Japan won the right to host the Olympic games, it sold itself as a safe pair of hands. Nearly eight years and a pandemic later, nothing is safe and nothing is certain.

STEPHEN WADE: We have COVID-19 spreading in Tokyo. We have medical professionals here questioning why the games are going on saying it's a too big a risk.

IAN LEE: A new wave of COVID cases even force the torch relay off public roads. But with 100 days to go and roughly $15 billion invested, Olympic officials say the games will go on, just expect them to look different.

STEPHEN WADE: There'll be no fans from abroad here. Athletes will be in quarantine most of the time.

IAN LEE: Hundreds of American athletes will join roughly 15,000 competitors from around the world.

SUSANNE LYONS: They are absolutely 100% focused on preparation for games that should happen and they believe will happen.

IAN LEE: Olympians don't have to be vaccinated, but will be given hand sanitizer and masks. Officials hope that will be enough to get the games to the finish line. Ian Lee, CBS News.

LAUREN PASTRANA: Up to 80% of people in Japan want the games to be canceled or delayed, especially with less than 1% of the country vaccinated.