Should I go to a destination wedding that's catered with fast food?

A fast food destination wedding is either the greatest idea in the history of matrimony or it's a disaster waiting to happen. Here's what we think about it.

Video Transcript


CHASE HILL: A fast food destination wedding is not a plan. It's a scam.

KATIE MATHER: I feel like every wedding planner in the world is m screaming about this.


MATT MATAXAS: Who doesn't want one of these at their wedding? Wa-chh!

CHASE HILL: There's like, a 50/50 chance I'm going to flip a table.

CHRISTINE WALLEN: No shade. But I'm just saying, at my wedding. I had three different meal choices.

MATT MATAXAS: I mean, look at that. Come on. That's the perfect wedding food.

CHASE HILL: What kind of fast food is it? Is it Subway foot longs?

KATIE MATHER: If they set it up with like, fine China and Taco Bell, I would actually think that was pretty funny.

MATT MATAXAS: If Taco Bell is there, you might want to bring some trail mix. Because you're going to spend most of the night in the bathroom.



CHRISTINE WALLEN: I probably won't 100% enjoy it unless it's like, Chick-Fil-A or Zaxby's.

CHASE HILL: I'm very picky. I'm also pretty petty. So the entire time I'm there, I'm going to be judging you.

CHRISTINE WALLEN: It's not cute for me. But everybody is different.

MATT MATAXAS: I think it's kinda cute.

CHASE HILL: It's not cute, girl. It's not cute.

KATIE MATHER: It's just weird that they would tell you ahead of time. Something about that makes it seem like they're being like oh, heads up, don't expect anything fancy when you book these expensive flights. We're just going to put out leftovers.

MATT MATAXAS: Is Katie doing this? Because I'm sure she created some sort of diagrams ranking all the food.

KATIE MATHER: If they only had McDonald's Filet-O-Fish sandwiches, that is like, worst-case scenario. A tier above that, Wendy's kid's meal. Like, they think it's funny because they're like, oh, we don't care that much. Like, we're literally giving you the kid's meal. Toy not included.

OK, mid tear, 8-piece meal from Chick-Fil-A. A tier above that-- this is an important distinction-- everyone gets like, the 30 count chicken nugget meal from Chick-Fil-A. Number 1 is obviously, obviously, Popeye's chicken sandwiches.

CHASE HILL: You've placed an UberEats order and you're going to make us all suffer through it. That's essentially what is happening. If I can have this to munch on, that's going to make me drink more. And that's going to make me dance more. And then I'm going to need to munch more.

CHRISTINE WALLEN: I say, go to the wedding. Wear your best outfit. Show up. Show up for love. And after, if you're hungry, just you know, pick up that hotel phone.

KATIE MATHER: Ultimately, because it is your cousin, you should go.

CHASE HILL: It's a no! Don't go!