Detroit's top cop retiring, says he's a Republican

Detroit police Chief James Craig said he will retire as head of the city's police force, but he did not immediately reveal his future plans, which could include a run for political office as a Republican (May 10)

Video Transcript

JAMES CRAIG: So, yes. Today I announce that I'll be retiring on June 1. And I got to make this point because I've heard a lot over the last 72 hours. I am voluntarily leaving. I'll say it again. I am voluntarily leaving. Yes, I am a Republican. I've been a Republican. I have gotten countless calls, text messages, Facebook shots, emails from people across this great state-- Democrats and Republicans-- who say they want me to seek office. I have not made that decision. I'm not ruling it out. There's an appropriate time. I will get past this. And then I will come out with a decision.