Development Authority OKs budget: Focused on industry expansion

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Jul. 27—VALDOSTA — The Valdosta Lowndes County Development Authority adopted its 2022-23 operation budget this past week and provided updates on ongoing projects.

Andrea Schruijer, executive director for the Development Authority, noted in the business development report for the July meeting that staff is working with seven existing industries. They include CJB Industries, Langdale Industries, Lowe's Regional Distribution and South Georgia Pecan.

The Development Authority is involved in possible expansion projects for 2022-23 by helping the companies identify assistance with specific infrastructure needs and economic development incentives to support business operations with capital investments of approximately $57 million and job creation of 165.

The staff is still working on 17 active projects looking to locate the City of Valdosta and Lowndes County with a potential capital investment of $11.3 billion and 7,900-plus new jobs. Schruijer confirmed they are "very large" projects that have been years in the making, hence the high overall investment and job volume.

"We have nondisclosure agreements with the companies we work with, so we can't go into too much detail about the active projects. However, the industries range from advanced manufacturing, food processing and logistics," she said.

The full operating budget details:


Millage Revenue: $3,300,000

Payment To Authority: $112,600

Rental Income/Land Sales: $68,000

Total Revenue: $3,480,600


General Operations

Equipment / Network Maintenance: $5,000

Utilities (Office): $11,000

Janitorial /Lawn Care: $10,000

Office Building Repair and Main: $4,000

Software & Upgrades: $9,500

Automobile Operation & Maintenance: $5,000

Telephone: $17,000

Insurance: $17,000

Taxes & Licenses: $350

Supplies & Maintenance: $10,000

Accounting Costs: $40,000

Bank Service Fees: $3,000

Professional Development: $7,000

Memberships & Subscriptions: $11,000

Special Handling Postage: $900

Legal Costs: $48,000

Travel: $0

Staff Salaries & Benefits: $425,000

Total General Operations: $623,750

Industrial Park Maintenance

Landscaping Maintenance: $85,000

Park maintenance: $0

Utilities (Industrial Parks): $20,000

Total: $105,000

Comprehensive Economic Development

Business Retention and Expansion

Existing Industry Support: $7,000

Existing Entity Corporate Visits: $1,000

IA & Committee Meetings: $1,000

Regional and Local Visits: $500

Total: $9,500


Business Development: $60,000

Locate South Georgia: $5,000

Workforce development: $5,000

Engineering: $40,000

Total: $110,000

Marketing/Public Relations:

Marketing and public relations: $100,000

Total: $100,000

Total Expenses: $948,250

Net Income Before Non-Budgeted Items: $2,532,350

Summary of Year-to-Date Budget Position:

Total Revenues: Over Budget $238,752

General Operations: Under Budget $2,385

Industrial Park Maintenance: Over Budget $2,070

Business Retention and Expansion: Under Budget $7,127

Recruitment: Over Budget $6,703

Marketing/Public Relations: Over Budget $12,121

Total Budgeted Expenses: Over Budget $11,382

Budgeted Net Income: Over Budget $227,370