Devereux Georgia builds strong partnership with Circle for Children to benefit youth

Jan. 18—For the past five years, Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health Georgia has built a strong partnership with the Circle for Children, a Marietta-based nonprofit that offers financial support and personal encouragement to youth who have suffered abuse, neglect and abandonment.

Currently, Devereux Georgia is the primary beneficiary of the Circle's fundraising efforts, with Circle members donating their time and talents to support the children, adolescents and young adults served by the organization.

Since 2016, the Circle has raised more than $140,000 for Devereux Georgia.

In addition to financial assistance, Circle members support Devereux Georgia by volunteering at center events; buying and wrapping holiday gifts; and donating food, as well as personal care and recreational items for youth.

Founded in 1927, the Circle carries a tradition of financial giving and personal encouragement to disadvantaged children and adolescents throughout the state of Georgia. The 100% volunteer organization has contributed millions of dollars in aid and scholarships, as well as countless hours of hands-on service to at-risk youth.

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