Devonta Smith 'most definitely' thinks he should be on the cover of revamped NCAA video game

SportsPulse: NFL stars couldn't hide their excitement for the NCAA video game to come back this year. Heisman winner Devonta Smith also wasn't shy about why he should be on the cover of it.

Video Transcript

MACKENZIE SALMON: I'm curious. I'm a gamer, I don't know if you are. But what is your reaction to NCAA coming back?

HENRY RUGGS III: Oh I'm so excited. I'm trying to see when it's coming. I'm thinking when they posted that, it's supposed to come out tomorrow. I'm trying to go to the store and preorder it.

JUSTIN JEFFERSON: I was so happy, oh my god. That was probably one of the best games I've ever played.

GEORGE KITTLE: Wow, that was my first video game I ever got on the system.

JUSTIN JEFFERSON: And so have it cut off in 2014 before I even got to college, it sucked, but now to have it back and to be able to play it again though, that would be a fun experience. And it will definitely bring back a lot of memories.

GEORGE KITTLE: That was like my first video game. So I'm excited about it coming today. It's awesome. I think people love playing the college football games. I love it, the race to the Heisman and all that. I hope it comes out sooner than later because it's one of the football games I really enjoyed.

MACKENZIE SALMON: Recently, Henry Ruggs tweeted out that you had to be the cover of the new NCAA football game. Do you agree?

HENRY RUGGS III: Most definitely.

- Most definitely?

- Just because I feel like, resume speaks for itself. Why not? I mean, I feel like if comes out now, it would be the perfect time to have me on there.

- Which Bama team do you think would be the best of NCAA? If they had updated it up until now.

- Either 17 or 18.

- That's a solid one. Not 20?

- (SCOFFS) Nah.

- [LAUGHS] I love it.