Devotees offer 125,000 mangoes to Hindu god in India

STORY: Devotees, mainly Vaishnavs, offered 125,000 mangoes with a view to celebrate the deity's 23rd 'Patotsav', which is celebrated to mark the day of the installation of the idol in the temple.

The 'Patotsav' is an annual celebration where devotees offer fruits, sugar, juices, flowers, and incense to the deity.

"A mango festival has been organized with 125,000 mangoes. Thousands of Vaishnavs have gathered here," said priest of Vrajdham Haveli Temple, Brajraj Kumar. "Not only from Vadodara, but from all across Gujarat, to worship."

Vaishnavs are devotees of the Hindu God Vishnu, as well as his incarnations, like Lord Krishna. Vaishnavs form one of the major subsects within the Hindu religion. Followers of Vaishnavism believe in only one Hindu deity which is Lord Vishnu and his incarnations.