DeWine offers state resources to Clark County to combat violent crime

Governor Mike DeWine is sending state resources to Clark County to help cut down on violent crime.

In Springfield alone, there have been eight homicides just this year.

The first time DeWine announced this violence reduction work was last week in Cleveland when city leaders asked for state help.

The second rollout of the work is now in Clark County.

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“We have to be asked before we come in. So we have our system works. That’s the way we like it. So they asked us to come in and assist,” DeWine said.

DeWine announced the state has started offering Springfield police and Clark County deputies extra staffing with state troopers, an aircraft from the highway patrol, plus intelligence from the state, among other resources.

The focus of the teams is going after violent criminals, primarily those who have guns but should not.

Former Clark County prosecutor, Andy Wilson, is now the director of the Ohio Department of Public Safety.

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He detailed some of the work the task force did overnight Thursday into Friday in Springfield.

He said they found eight people violating their parole.

“Two of those felons were illegally carrying guns,” Wilson said.

Wilson said illegal guns weren’t the only things they got off the street.

“We recovered drugs, including meth, cocaine, crack, and pills,” Wilson said.

News Center 7′s John Bedell asked Springfield Police Chief Allison Elliot how the initiative helps solve and prevent violent crimes in the city.

“Again, it just goes to show working together, it makes safer operations for our community,” Elliot said. “The goal is to create a safer community for everyone to live, work, enjoy their lives and that’s that’s our goal.”

DeWine said the task force is going to continue its work over the next few days in Clark County.