Game changer for weight loss as drug maker awaits FDA approval; local pharmacist weighs-in

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A medication that rivals Ozempic is on the market called Mounjaro.

Both of these injectable medications are for those with type two diabetes, but they are also being used for weight loss.

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News Center 7′s Kayla McDermott went to Ziks Family Pharmacy Thursday and talked with a pharmacist about his thoughts on the two prescriptions.

Mounjaro treats those with type two diabetes, and the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) could soon approve it for weight loss.

At the beginning of the year, Ozempic was nowhere to be found at Ziks Family Pharmacy. People were using it to lose weight, clearing out shelves for people with diabetes, and spending thousands to do so.

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“$1,500.00 a month, for four shots,” Nnodum Iheme, Ziks Family Pharmacy Pharmacist, said

Though the stock is not a worry for Pharmacist Iheme, he also has boxes of Mounjaro on hand.

“It has the same potential as Ozempic, but it has a dual mechanism of action,” Iheme said.

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Mounjaro is already used for type two diabetes.

Eli Lilly and Company, which manufactures Mounjaro, said in a study those who took it achieved ‘superior weight loss’ in just over a year. People lost close to 16 percent of their body weight.

“If you really going to lose a lot of weight some people and some of the physicians these days they write for the Mounjaro,” Iheme said.

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The company wants the medication to be FDA-approved for weight loss.

“I think eventually they will because they have the same mechanism of action,” Iheme said.

Iheme thinks it would help keep Ozempic on the shelves and help those struggling with obesity.

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“If somebody is 200 pounds overweight, naturally, it will take longer time but if you can have a booster to help you just pop it kick it going. I find out really helps a lot,” Iheme said.

Mounjaro is in its third phase of development for weight loss, but if you take the medication, there are side effects found on their website.