Diane Keaton’s explanation for why she doesn’t date is extremely relatable

Diane Keaton’s explanation for why she doesn’t date is extremely relatable

Diane Keaton is single, but she's not particularly interested in mingling.

The actor, 77, opens up about love and life in a new interview with AARP and reveals that she's not pining away for a grand romance at this point in her life.

“I don’t date,” she told the publication.

Keaton has never been married, but she has dated several eligible bachelors over the years, including Al Pacino, Woody Allen and Warren Beatty.

The star is pretty happy with her single life these days and said it's "highly unlikely" that she would date again in the future. She even offered a pretty relatable reason for feeling this way.

“I don’t remember anyone calling me, going, ‘This is So-and-So. I’d like to take you out.’ They don’t happen. Of course not,” she said.

In 2021, the actor explained why she never felt that marriage was in the cards for her.

“It goes back to my mother, because, for me, most everything does,” she told Interview magazine at the time. “I love my dad, of course — that goes without saying — but she was always there, and he was always working. He was working hard, and he was really interesting. And he loved her, too.”

The star then explained that she felt like her mother "gave up" so much as a wife and mother.

“I mentioned watching her get that crowning glory and being Mrs. Highland Park. After that, we moved down to Santa Ana, and it was over,” she said. “There was no more trying things out. I feel like she chose family over her dreams. And she was just the best mother, but I think that she is the reason why I didn’t get married. I didn’t want to give up my independence.”

Keaton became a mother later in life at the age of 50 when she adopted her daughter, Dexter, 27. A few years later, she adopted her son, Duke, 22.

Last year, the proud mom's kids joined her as she took part in a handprint and footprint in cement ceremony at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

Following the special moment, Keaton's daughter congratulated her mom on Instagram, writing, “What an amazing day honoring my momma! I am so proud of you and this is an incredible honor. I love you.”

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