Diane von Furstenberg has 'no shame' about bruises on her face from a 'bad fall'

Dimitrios Kambouris

Diane von Furstenberg has "no shame" about bruises on her face and didn't let them stop her from appearing onstage in support of a women's nonprofit organization.

The 75-year-old Belgian fashion designer posted a photo of her injury on Instagram Dec. 5 after she said she suffered a fall ahead of an appearance for Vital Voices, which supports women striving for leadership positions.

"What to do if you had a bad fall on your face and you need to go on stage?" she wrote. "I hesitated cancelling it but what I go on stage for is to honor @vitalvoices … Vital Voices women are not afraid of showing bruises … and they are my role models… they have strength and courage… so I will go as I am with no shame for the bruises !Fear is not an option ! ❤️👍❤️ Own it !"

The creator of the iconic wrap dress is on the board of directors for Vital Voices, according to the organization's website.

She received well wishes and encouraging messages after deciding to share the photo of her injured face.

"You look beautiful❤️ i’m sorry that you got hurt," actor Andie MacDowell commented.

"God Bless you!!! I hope you feel better !!! 😍❤️🙏" Kris Jenner wrote.

"Your beauty is more than skin deep you have always been a woman with enormous character and class this casualty only enhances your strength and beauty and shows us all how tenacious you are," stylist Phillip Bloch commented.

"Owning it" when it comes to her appearance has been an ongoing theme for von Furstenberg. She posted a selfie in a bathing suit on Instagram in August with a similar sentiment, one year after also doing the same at 74.

“Selfie at 75?” she captioned her post. “Trying to own it and 2 hours of daily swimming helps! I know I should smile but I feel stupid smiling at myself! Gratitude.”

Von Furstenberg also wrote about aging in her 2014 memoir, “The Woman I Wanted to Be,” which she spoke about while sharing four life lessons she's learned with TODAY.

"The most important relationship you have in life is the one you have with yourself,” she said on TODAY in 2014. “The good thing about aging is that you have a past, and if you like your past then it means that you have lived fully.”


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