Dibs Marker Offers Snacks And Beer, Asks People Not To Take Parking Space

This is a dibs story of compassion – or at least that’s what the person behind it hopes.

Video Transcript

- When it comes to dibs, to say Chicagoans are passionate about it is an understatement. But tonight we bring you a dibs story of compassion. At least that's what the author hopes.

It's all right here. The sign, the snacks-- Doritos, beers, Chips Ahoy. Hey, there's even a picture of Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

- [LAUGHS] What?

- But it's all about the note, which reads "Take a beer, take a snack, but please don't take my parking spot." There's an emoji and a thank you with three exclamation points.

- Three?

- Yeah. Now not everyone is a fan of dibs, of course. Just last week, the city says it took hundreds of complaints about dibs.

- There is a city ordinance that says you can't store your personal belongings in the public way, but typically Streets and Sanitation will not remove dibs markers until the end of the winter.