Dickey does it: St. George bowler sets record score with monster 878 series at Sunset Lanes

Robert Dickey's recent 878 series is the highest series ever bowled in St. George and it included him throwing 32 strikes during games of  300, 289 and 289.
Robert Dickey's recent 878 series is the highest series ever bowled in St. George and it included him throwing 32 strikes during games of 300, 289 and 289.

Robert Dickey will treasure the memory of his latest two hours of bowling brilliance for the rest of his life.

He'll also remember that his mind-boggling feat happened on lanes 3 and 4 at Sunset Lanes.

Okay. I get it. You want to know what he did that was so extraordinary.

Well, what he did was totally rewrite the record books for the highest series ever bowled in St. George bowling history.

And he did it by beginning Wednesday Invitational League play with 10 straight strikes en route to a 289, and followed the exact same script in next game for another 289.

So let's fast forward to his third game and end the suspense.

And yes, he fired 12 more strikes for a 300 game and a breathtaking 878 series that blew past the previous 856 series record set on November 9th, 2009 by Blaine Hartley, a towering figure in St. George bowling for the last two decades.

By the way, speaking about Dickey's electrifying performance, Hartley who was bowling on a pair of lanes next to Dickey said, "It was the best bowling I've ever seen."

Also, his record-setting performance fell just 10 pins shy of breaking the highest series every bowled in Utah, an 887 by Russ Hunt In Salt Lake City on March 18, 1996.

Here's an interesting what if? What if Dickey had taken out the10 pin for a strike the only two times he didn't get one, and giving him a great shot at throwing a 12th strike in his 289 games?

Well, according to the latest official USBC bowling records, he would then have become just the 39th bowler in the United States to have bowled a stratospheric 900 series.

Dickey's resume now includes seven 300 games, a career-high 878 series, a career-high eye-popping string of 20 consecutive strikes, and a career-high 228 average over 87 games in the 2017-18 season when he finished runner-up to Lew Agius' 230.

One can only wonder what other records Dickey would be setting if he bowled in more than just one league a week?

In other abbreviated league action due to the Thanksgiving holiday break, Mo Davis (729-268) fired 23 strikes in his umpteenth 700, while Nick Mace (699-247) fell a pin shy of one.

Jeremy Turlington (689-279) definitely maintained his 221 average with another strong performance, and the sole open Cory Choate (667-247) had all night happened in the first frame of his first league game.

Rob Carrier (667-245) continue his recent blistering scoring pace, Ron Hanson (655-232) may just have launched his own red-hot streak, and Jay Healey (644-2224) enjoyed his best night this season.

Kevin Kidman (637-254) delivered a first-rate outing, Dave Castro (618) is a darn good bowler, while Jorge Grajeda (615-216) still has a legit shot at his first 700 this season.

In single game play, Randy Carter fired a 243, Jim Mathews posted a 242, Ken Schloman registered a 213, and so did Jim Jensen.

In women's action, Ann Rasmusen (602-236) has been on a recent scoring tear, PJ Redhouse (538-212) had a very good week, Mela Kupec (525) averaged 175, Hailey Bundy KO'd 523 pins, and Bonnie Kabey gets ink for a 509.

In single game play Connie Bess rolled a 219, Ashley Thomas popped a 215, while both Shell Hurd and Tammy Gallian had a 200.

Senior league

Tom Schwab 613-239; Paul Yssel 215; Gary Miskowiak 204; Manny Hartmann 203; Dave Conklin 202; LaRue Dansie 528; Pat Gillespie 525. Ralph Butler picked up the 6-7-10 split, Barbara Elkins spared the 5-10, and LaRue Dansie converted the 5-7 split.

High scores

Dalton Smith 743-276; Ryan Gallian 721-245; Tim Swigart 689-256; Jim Bedford 674-235; Blaine Hartley 668-257; Rick Lesko 665-228; Joseph Graham 664-255; Johnny Reeves 655-237; Jerry Bundy 647-241; Mike McClure 646-234; Jim Bice 644-234; Devin Werner 635-245; Rod Post 629-236; Chuck Kenny 627-225; Barry Sustin 624-224; Dave Myers 624-216; Wil Mariluch 621-245;Brendan Thomas 620-225; Tony Zaccheus 618-236; Doyle Mouser 615-248; Scott Ferreira 615-216; John Potter 609-254; Trevor Miller 609-254; Bob Lehnen 604-226; Jack Syddall 600-215; Bruce Arnold 234; Bruce Arnold 234; Ronnie Floreani 232; Chuck Irvine 225; Larry Rumple 225; Kyle Kidman 224; Wayne Barnes 224; Al Oliveira 221; Chris Scott 216; Dan O'Neill 213; Dave Keller 213; Jeff Anderson 213; Troy Olaveson 213; Tyler Thomas 213; Gary Lee 211; Jim Jensen 211; Matt Polatis 211; Bill Echternkamp 210; Justin Seegmiller 209; Justin Seegmiller 209; Rod Engle 209; Tyler Mickelson 207; Tony Van Gestel 205; Bov Kvatas; Bob Kvatsak 205; Matt Hill 205; Stan Rasmussen 205; Derek Wallace 204; Michael Seymore 204; Ron Floreani 203; Jared Bundy 203; Scott Brosier 203; Wayne Hoppal 202; Max Stayrook 200; David Lee 200; Sherri Snarr 618-223; Sue Hill 560-199; Tina Cruz 558; Ashley Thomas 554-215; Pat Schulze 542; Annette Chugg 531; Lisa Jones 525-200; Marina Polatis 518-199; Stephanie Miller 510; Pat McCabe 507; Judy Candell 507; Pat McLaughlin 504; Shell Hurd 200.

Willie Theis covers league bowling in St. George for The Spectrum and Daily News.

This article originally appeared on St. George Spectrum & Daily News: St. George bowler sets record score with monster 878 series