Dickson Schools closed due to staffing shortage amid sickness, quarantined families

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Dickson Schools released a statement Monday afternoon delaying their return to school until Thursday, January 20.

"While we had plans to start back [Tuesday], with 1/3 of our instructional staff (and several non-instructional staff) sick or quarantined due to sickness in their homes, administration has made the difficult decision to close the next two days," said the school representative.

The release stated the administration plans to return to school in person on Thursday.

"We have enough built in hours so that virtual is not required and we will not have to make the hours up at a later date," the statement said. "We know that many households are not only struggling with illness, but struggling with access to testing and medical services so we do not want to add to that stress by requiring virtual at this time."

In a statement last week, Dickson Schools administration released a similar statement that said they are "now to a point where we cannot safely and effectively staff our classrooms, particularly in the Upper & Lower Elementaries."

Extracurricular activities scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday are also cancelled and may be rescheduled if possible. For parents of Dickson students, administration directed questions to each student's building office or guardians may email webmaster@dickson.k12.ok.us.

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This article originally appeared on The Daily Ardmoreite: Dickson Schools closed due to staffing shortage amid sickness, quarantined families

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