What did Chris Jones say to warrant a flag? A clue may be in 2019 message to Tom Brady

Zach Bolinger/AP

There’s been a nagging question surrounding the Chiefs since Sunday’s 20-17 loss to Colts in Indianapolis: What did Kansas City’s Chris Jones say to quarterback Matt Ryan.

A Colts’ fourth-quarter drive appeared to stall when Ryan was sacked, but Jones was penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Jones didn’t reveal what was said, and neither did Ryan.

But according to Pro Football Talk, referee Shawn Smith’s postgame report said “Jones used ‘disturbing language,’ and that there is ‘no place in professional football’ for it.”

“Smith penalized Jones for unsportsmanlike conduct,” Pro Football Talk reported. “The source says that Smith, in hindsight, believes he also should have referenced taunting.”

Thing is, Jones is known to mix it up with an opponent. Heck, just ask the quarterback the Chiefs will face this Sunday.

Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady and Jones have a long and colorful history of jawing at one another.

For example, there was this shouting match in 2019 when Brady was still with the Patriots.

Jones later explained on Bartsool’s “Pardon My Take,” just what he’d said to get under Brady’s skin that time.

“That’s part of the game, man,” Jones said. “You know, quarterbacks and d-line, those are two different types of class. So when you’re able to clash up, you talk your (smack). You say how you feel to him. If he on the ground, you call him an old-ass mother ... Or, ‘Get your old ass up.’ (Or), ‘You need to ... retire.’

“So any time I’m able to say anything to a quarterback after I hit him — I don’t even have to hit you. I’ll just come to you and talk (smack)..”

Brady was 42 years old at the time. Ryan is 37 and in his 15th season in the NFL.

Perhaps Jones mentioned Ryan’s age and the referee took exception. At this point we just don’t know.

Facing Brady again

The Chiefs will play the Buccaneers on Sunday, so Jones and Brady will once again face off.

There was no smack talk between the two in Super Bowl LV, but when the teams met during the 2020 regular season, there was this encounter.

In 2019, Brady talked about Jones.

“We were going at it for a little bit. He was pretty talkative out there, so I think there’s a healthy rivalry,” Brady told WEEI’s The Greg Hill Show, per NBC Sports Boston.