Did God Really Create the Universe and Mankind?

Did God really create human beings?

This is a question that continues to be hotly-debated. As most scientists double down and embrace evolutionary theory, it seems the public at large is still conflicted regarding how, exactly, humans came to be in their current form.

A study conducted by YouGov and released on Monday found that nearly four-in-10 Americans (37 percent) believe that God created mankind in its present state. But that's not all, as these individuals also contend that men and women were created within the last ten thousand years -- a claim that many scientists would scoff at.

Did God Really Create the Universe and Human Beings? New Poll Details Americans Fascinating Beliefs

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Additionally, 25 percent of Americans believe that human beings evolved from less advanced life forms over millions of years, but that God guided this process. This means that, combined, 62 percent of Americans believe that God played a role in human creation and development.

Another 21 percent of the population said that humans evolved from less advanced life forms over millions of years -- and that a higher power didn't directly play a role in the process.

As for this latter group, YouGov notes that it has grown since 2004, when those believing that God didn't guide evolution was only at 13 percent. The outlet further explains:

The number, however, who believe in evolution without help from God has increased by 8 percentage points since 2004, when CBS conducted a poll using the same questions. In 2004, 13% of Americans said that human beings evolved without guidance from God. This number may continue to increase in the coming years, as the belief in evolution without the influence of God is most common among those 18-29 years old, with 31% of those in that age group believing it.

While a case can be made that belief in a purer form of evolution is running rampant, Gallup's numbers are not as high. The polling firm does find increases since 2000, when the proportion stood at 9 percent (and 15 percent in 2012), but they are not as steep as what is observed in the same time frame in the YouGov survey.

The latter firm also found that the nation is divided on whether creationism should be taught in schools. While 40 percent still favor teaching creationism and intelligent design, 31 percent are opposed and 29 percent are unsure. Read the results here.

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