Did a 'Love Is Blind' star go on the show with a girlfriend? Jimmy Presnell addresses viral TikTok

Jimmy Presnell is sharing his side of the story after a viral TikTok raised questions about his relationship status at the time he was filming Season Six of "Love Is Blind."

Last week, TikTok user Ryann Stringfellow posted a video saying she was dating one of the male stars of “Love Is Blind" Season Six when he suddenly left for a few weeks on a “business trip.” The video has amassed over 17 million views.

Stringfellow never mentioned Presnell by name but alluded to the fact that her boyfriend was “talking to this woman who has a child." Social media users were quick to assume that she was referring to Jess Vestal, who was in a love triangle with Presnell and Chelsea Blackwell.

Now, Presnell is speaking out to refute any rumors that he was in a relationship with Stringfellow.

TODAY.com has reached out to Stringfellow for comment. She declined to identify the subject of her video.

Having trouble keeping track of all the he said, she said? We're breaking down the timeline of events.

What did Ryann Stringfellow say?

Last week, Stringfellow took to TikTok to say that her boyfriend appeared on Season Six of "Love Is Blind" without her knowledge.

“Imagine my f------ surprise when I turned on the new season of ‘Love Is Blind’ this morning and see my f------ boyfriend! Yeah, are you shocked? Because I sure as hell am,” she said in the video.

Stringfellow said she thought her boyfriend couldn't talk to her while he was away because he "was working" during a "business trip." Instead, she implies, he was filming "Love Is Blind."

"Love Is Blind" is filmed over two months. During the 10-day dating period in the pods and the vacation period that follows, contestants do not have access to phones.

The TikToker walked her followers through her current range of emotions, including "heartbreak," "jealousy" and "shock."

“Why the f--- is my man on TV and why the f--- is he on a dating show talking to other women?” she questioned.

Stringfellow declined to name which cast member was her boyfriend in the video.

"Obviously I'm not gonna tell you who it is. I still think he's the love of my life and we can work past this, so I'm not gonna say his name. But holy f---," she said.

Stringfellow described herself as an “avid reality TV show watcher” and said she had always been confused when she'd hear stories like the one she was saying.

“I see this happen all the time with girls where they're like, 'That's my man on TV. How did this happen?' And I'm like, 'Well, that's kind of embarrassing. How did you not know?' And now it's happening to me," she said.

The TikTok user ended her video by asking her followers how she should proceed.

“Do I keep watching this season? Do I say something to him? I haven’t seen him or spoken to him about this,” she said at the end of the video.

Jimmy Presnell posted a video in response

Stringfellow never identifies a person in her TikTok. However, Presnell said, in a TikTok of his own, that he felt called out.

“She doesn’t say it’s me but she’s definitely insinuating it’s your boy,” he said.

Presnell denied he was the man Stringfellow mentioned, and denied knowing her at all.

“I don’t know this woman. I've never met this woman. It’s not true. I gotta give it to her. It’s an incredible marketing ploy. She is getting so many clicks and she’s making so much money off my name,” he said.

He said he originally wasn’t going to address the video, but felt compelled to after many people sent it to him.

"I wanted to come on here and tell everybody it's not true. Also if you go watch it and you give her another click and another view, please report it."

Presnell then thanked his supporters for “all the positivity and all the comments.”

"For those of y'all that are rocking with me I love y'all. I appreciate y'all. And if you're not, just know there's two sides to every story," he said.

Ryann Stringfellow responds one more TikTok

Following Presnell's response, Stringfellow posted a stitch that showed her reacting to him as he denied her allegations. At the beginning of the video, she waved to Presnell and winked as she sat on a couch eating chips and dip.

When Presnell mentioned that he didn't know her, Stringfellow slightly shook her head as she ate her snack. She also smiled and nodded when he mentioned that the video had gone viral.

But is the video actually about Jimmy? Presnell said the video is about him, she shook her head and mouthed the words, "No really."

Stringfellow pretended to look hurt when Presnell suggested that people report the video and shook her head.

At the end of the video, she also mouthed the words "that's true" when Presnell noted that there are two sides to every story.

As for which side of this story is true? Maybe we'll find out at the reunion.

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