Did Tony Romo Nearly Say The N-Word On Live TV? Social Media Reacts To The Moment

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Did Tony Romo nearly spit the N-word on live television? That’s what social media users wonder after a bizarre comment heard during Sunday’s CBS broadcast of the AFC Championship between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Cincinnati Bengals.

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Folks got to wondering after a video featuring Van Lathan analyzing what happened went viral on Twitter.

Romo, the CBS analyst known for his exuberant personality, appeared about to have a moment that could have cost him his job.

The former Dallas Cowboys quarterback had his viral moment when he broke down a play in which Chiefs running back Isiah Pacheco pulled off an incredible run during a pivotal moment.
“The extra yards. The tough yards. The finish on the play,” Romo said while watching a replay of the run. “Right there, you got three ni —Talked about this. The best tackling team. They don’t miss tackles. And that could be the difference.”

Many Twitter users have tried to guess what Romo was about to say. But the only word that makes sense in the context appears to be the racial slur.

Undisputed’s Shannon Sharpe chimed in on the conversation on Twitter and implied that Romo may have almost slipped because he got too excited.

According to Front Office Sports, CBS hired Romo in 2017 with a $3 million deal. The retired quarterback then earned an extension with the network in 2020, signing an $18 million-per-year contract.

So did he say it? Who knows?!