“They die so we can live,” Richmond community show respect for fallen officer Seara Burton

Members of the Richmond community lined the sidewalks to catch a glimpse of Officer Seara Burton’s large law enforcement procession which escorted her remains to Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis to be buried.

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A line of almost 400 law enforcement vehicles led that caravan.

The procession stopped at the Richmond Police Department to meet Officer Burton’s cruiser that has been parked there since the day she was shot to play the final 10-42 or end of watch call.

Members of the community, officers, troopers and deputies had heavy hearts as they remembered the type of officer and person Burton was, as well as the sacrifices that first responders make in the line of duty.

“They die so we can live,” Patriot Guard member, Jim Newport said. “It’s all of the first responders. They have a tough job.”

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Paula Van Hook, a mother in law of a Richmond Police Officer, told Newscenter 7′s Mike Campbell that similarly to most officers, she believes Burton knew the dangers of the job but wanted to serve her community anyway.

“You choose to walk in and just do it,” Van Hook said, “She was so young, but it was her dream to be a police officer, it was also her dream to be a K9 officer and serve the communities. So you know, she just didn’t get to live it long enough, and that’s sad.”

Dozens of Richmond businesses were all paying tribute to the departments fallen hero by posting signs along route 40 heading into town.

>>Procession escorting fallen Richmond Officer Seara Burton continues to cemetery in Indianapolis

A local restaurant worker, Valerie Mikesell, got to know Burton as she would stop in for lunch occasionally and also interacted with her as Burton took a call at her home once.

“She always had a smile and was just happy and she seemed to love her job, she was just awesome,” Mikesell said.

Burton died September 18 surrounded by her family at Reid Health, succumbing to her injury she received after being shot in early August during a traffic stop.

“It shattered our hearts,” Mikesell said.