Digital Brief: April 11, 2021 (AM)

Jan Carabeo has your morning headlines.

Video Transcript

JAN CARABEO: Good morning, everyone. I'm Jan Carabeo with your morning digital news break for Sunday, April 11. A 10-year-old boy is recovering today after he was shot in North Philadelphia. Police say that boy was grazed by a bullet around 10:30 last night at West York Street and Park Avenue. The child is now in stable condition. Police recovered a gun but so far, no arrests.

Starting today, a toll hike takes effect at 8 Delaware River Crossings. The Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission says the increase is to offset the decline in revenue due to the pandemic. Meantime, gas companies are also switching over to a summer blend of gasoline that is more expensive to produce, which means higher prices at gas pumps.

And the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair, a favorite annual event in Chester County, has been canceled for a second year. COVID restrictions imposed by the US Equestrian Federation banning spectators led organizers to the decision to cancel. The traditional Pleasure Drive, featuring local driving clubs, in the meantime will go on as planned on May 30. Now to the Eyewitness weather forecast with meteorologist Tammie Souza. Hi, Tammie.

TAMMIE SOUZA: Well, hello, Jan. Yeah, it's been a little bit of a soaker already today. We're going to continue to see the chance of a spotty shower as we head through the late morning and afternoon hours. We will get perhaps a few peeks of sunshine, just like we did yesterday, sort of that milky sky.

That will warm things up a bit into the 70s. It's also going to create sort of an unstable atmosphere. So although it we'll be rather mild, we could see some gusty thunderstorms late this afternoon and through the evening hours. Why is it all happening? We have this huge upper level low across the Midwest. You can actually make out the swirl right here. Now everywhere that you see this whitish blue color, that is where there's a lot of moisture. In our case, that is rain. You can see that bluish color making its way through Philadelphia.

Where you see the orange, that is very dry air being drawn in. We have a cold front that's just off to the west. It's just to the west of that dry air, so we're going to get this dry air moving in, and that is when we're going to start to see that sunshine this afternoon. Following that, the cold front is going to come swinging through. Now this whole system is stuck. It's not moving because we have high pressure across New England and also the eastern, northeastern portion of Canada.

So although we'll see these fronts moving through, the main part of this system just stays in place. That's not good because we want to get it out of here so we can get rid of the clouds and the showers. We do see a few showers for our Monday night. We get into our Tuesday, Tuesday is mainly dry. Wednesday and into Thursday, there goes the system swirling by, perhaps even lingering into Friday. So you get the idea. A spotty shower is going to be possible each and every day this week with the best chances midweek.

Here we go. Let's walk you through what's going to happen for the remainder of your day today. This afternoon, perhaps some clearing, some peeks of sunshine. Then we could see some gusty thunderstorms forming. Some of these could be marginally severe. We are in the lowest risk, a one out of five, but we do have to keep an eye on it.

We get into tomorrow, we're going to be looking at clouds with quiet non-rainy hours for much of the day. Then we get into tomorrow evening, and that's when we see some more showers developing. So for today, the main threat will be a brief heavy downpour, especially this evening and tonight. Strong winds, damaging wind is the biggest threat with any of these storms should they turn severe. And hail, I think that mainly stays south of Philadelphia for all of you in Delaware if we see any hail.

74 will be the high today. We'll see those showers ending this morning and perhaps a late day thunderstorm. 51 overnight. Periods of rain will develop, and that's when we could see a gusty thunderstorm. And then tomorrow, we head back to normal temperatures. Look at this. We're back into the 60s for the remainder of the week. And it looks like will finally dry out toward the end of the week, but you'll need to carry the umbrella with you, just in case, for much of the week.

JAN CARABEO: That's OK. Better days ahead for Friday and the weekend. Thanks, Tammie. And remember, you can always get the latest news and weather headlines right here on I'm Jan Carabeo. Have a great day.