Digital Brief: April 18, 2021 (AM)

Jan Carabeo has your Sunday headlines.

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JAN CARABEO: Good morning, everyone, I'm Jan Carabeo with your Morning Digital News Brief for Sunday, April 18. Police are investigating a shooting in West Philadelphia. The shooting happened around 3 o'clock this morning at Wyalusing Avenue and North 56th Street. There's no word yet on the victim's condition. Meantime, investigators are working to determine what sparked the gunfire. And at last check, police have not yet made any arrests.

In downtown Minneapolis, the National Guard is now in place, expecting potential unrest that could last for days. Fencing, police barricades and barbed wire are in place around the city there. More than 3,000 National Guard members are helping law enforcement respond to disruption and protests stemming from the Daunte Wright deadly shooting, as well as the Derek Chauvin trial.

Philadelphia police meantime, are preparing for more demonstrations, and business owners in areas that were hard hit during last summer's unrest, have boarded up now. It took many businesses months to recover from the looting the last time around. Police are increasing their patrols and asking for help from state police, as well as the federal government. Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has also activated the National Guard. Now to the eye witness for the forecast with meteorologist, Tammie Sousa.

TAMMIE SOUZA: Hey, Jan. It looks like we're going to have a beautiful day today, but we're going to be watching a weather roller coaster over the next seven days as well. So pleasant today. Storm chances this week. We do have some for tomorrow afternoon and evening, and also Wednesday. So we are going to have limited, but several storm chances. 70s and sunshine return on Tuesday, so it sounds like we're really improving quite a bit. And that's going to be a lovely day. However, Thursday we're going to see temperatures plummet down into the low 50s. So a little bit of everything. There's the roller coaster effect.

Across the region, we're not looking at any precipitation, the clouds have cleared, we have plenty of sunshine. The area of low pressure that plagued us all of last week has now moved out into the Atlantic. We're on the back side, so a little bit of backwash with maybe a few clouds here and there, especially into the Poconos, maybe even a sprinkle this afternoon in the Poconos.

So let's walk you through what's going to happen. This afternoon, sunshine, maybe a few high clouds here and there. There are those sprinkles that could be taking place in the Poconos. Tonight, it looks like things are pretty quiet. We see clouds increase. We're going to see tomorrow morning with sun and clouds, clouds on the increase throughout the day. Then tomorrow afternoon, showers and thunderstorms are going to develop. They'll be widely scattered. They're coming in with a system from the south. So carry that umbrella with you just in case in the afternoon.

Now we clear out late tomorrow night, so that's good. And we have a beautiful Tuesday on tap. Look at this. This is your Tuesday. Winds coming in out of the west and southwest, taking us to the 70s. We'll see sunshine. Clouds off to the west move in overnight, and we do have a large storm system coming out of the Midwest. This thing will blanket the Midwest in snow. Of course, this time of year, it melts away pretty quickly. But they'll be measuring the snow. We get rain and thunderstorms out of this. And behind it, much cooler air scoots into the area for your Thursday.

So here are your rain chances this week. Look at that. Nothing for Friday and Thursday. Wednesday, got a 59% chance. Tuesday very, very low chance. If it did come in, it would be at night. And Monday, only 24% chance for tomorrow afternoon. So for today, enjoy. It's going to be 64, we're going to see plenty of sunshine out there. Tonight, a mild night, a pleasant night. We'll see clouds increasing, we'll see 46 degrees. Then for tomorrow, 66, a shower or thunderstorm possible in the afternoon, 73. That's the pick of the week on Tuesday.

We're looking at Wednesday, maybe starting with a little sun, but clouds moving quickly. Showers and thunderstorms develop in the afternoon. We could see some pockets of very steady rain. Then on Thursday, a big temperature plummet. Look at that. We could be 30s in the morning, only the low 50s in the afternoon, it'll be a breezy, raw day. We'll start Friday chilly, but will make it all the way up to the 60s on Friday. Jan, back over to you.

JAN CARABEO: And sun to boot. OK, Tammie, thanks so much. And remember, you can always get the latest news and weather headlines right here on I'm Jan Carabeo, have a great day.