Digital Brief: April 2, 2021 (PM)

Ukee Washington has the latest headlines.

Video Transcript

UKEE WASHINGTON: I'm Ukee Washington with your evening digital news brief for Friday, April 2.

First developing in Washington, a police officer is dead and another is hurt after they were rammed by a car at the US Capitol this afternoon. Capitol Police say the suspect was also killed.

They say the man rammed the car into the officers at a barricade access point, then got out of his car and lunged at the officers. Police say that's when those officers shot the suspect. Police say the suspect is an American not previously known to police or on any watch lists.

Back home, a close call after a driver crashes into an outdoor eating area. Chopper 3 over the scene in Rittenhouse Square. You can see the box dragged to the middle of the street by a delivery truck. It happened this morning right outside Tria Cafe. No one was hurt, but crews say the pod was badly damaged.

The CDC is out with new guidelines on travel for vaccinated Americans. Federal health officials say it's safe to do so as long as they take precautions. The CDC says there's no need to test those who are vaccinated before international travel unless it's required by the destination. Health officials also say vaccinated Americans don't have to quarantine after returning to the US. People are considered fully vaccinated two weeks after the final dose.

The FDA says it's OK to squeeze another dose out of Moderna's 10 dose Covid-19 vaccine vials. It says the 11th dose can be extracted with the right type of syringes and needles. The new guidance is part of a revision to Moderna's emergency use authorization for the vaccine. The FDA also approved of vials containing 13 to 15 doses.

A vaccination site in Burlington County has reached a major milestone in the fight against COVID, 200,000 vaccinations. Today they celebrated with music and a lot of sweet treats. Virtua Health runs the site.

When it first opened, organizers say it was hard to vaccinate 500 people a day. Now they're doing more than 5,000 a day.

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