Digital Brief: April 3, 2021 (AM)

Jan Carabeo reports.

Video Transcript

JAN CARABEO: Good morning, everyone. I'm Jan Carabeo with your morning digital news brief for Saturday, April 3. A US Capitol Police officer is killed in the line of duty at an outdoor security checkpoint. The flag at the Capitol is now flying at half staff for officer William Evans, an 18 year veteran of the force. Another officer is in stable condition this morning after a man rammed his car into a barricade at the Capitol. The suspect was shot and killed by police.

Business owners on the Atlantic City boardwalk want more police protection after a man dies following a robbery attempt. On Thursday, a 66-year-old store owner collapsed after police say a 12-year-old boy with a knife and a 14-year-old girl tried to rob his shop. Both children are now facing charges, and the Burlington County vaccine mega site has reached an important milestone just yesterday.

Health care workers there administered dose number 200,000. When this virtual health facility first opened back in December, it was giving out just about 500 shots a day. Now, this former department store at the [? Moorestown ?] Mall administers 5,000 shots daily. Now to the Eyewitness weather forecast, here is meteorologist Matt Petersen. Hi, Matt.

MATT PETERSON: Yeah, hi, Jen. It's going to be a great Easter weekend across the Delaware Valley. We'll start things out with sunshine for our Saturday. A few extra clouds could start to filter in, though, for tonight and into Sunday, but it's not going to be a cloudy Easter Sunday.

And the good news for us, too, high temperatures going to be on the rise. We'll be in the 50s today, but 60s by Sunday afternoon. Here is future weather. Not too much to talk about through our Saturday for sunshine through about lunchtime or so.

A few extra clouds start to move in later this afternoon and this evening as we watch an area of low pressure kind of track to our North and that upper level disturbance. Not only some late cloud cover for us late this afternoon and this evening. But it could squeeze out maybe a stray sprinkle or two, even an isolated light rain shower early on Sunday morning in areas in the northern half of our area. I'm talking about the Lehigh Valley in the Poconos.

Now, some of that light precip could leak as far South as maybe [? Bucks, and ?] Montgomery County, and the I-95 corridor. But for the most part, it will be very, very hit and miss and very, very light. At best, it should not do anything to hinder your morning plans, and then, again, in the afternoon, some cloud cover. It breaks the sunshine in there as well. Temperatures jumping up tomorrow afternoon into the 60s, which is good news for us.

If you're heading down the Citizens Bank Park, 4:05 for the Phillies and Braves game, number two of the season, sunshine. Pretty seasonable temperatures as well, and tomorrow morning for your Easter services, it's 42 degrees in the morning. Again, a sprinkle not ruled out. But by about mid or so, we're back up into the mid 50s to high 50s and then 62 in the afternoon.

All those Easter egg hunts looking pretty good for our Sunday. 64 degrees on Monday then to start the new workweek. Another chance for a stray shower on Tuesday. Jen, better chances for rain come towards the end of next week.

JAN CARABEO: Yeah, but look, Wednesday close to 70. I'd love to see it. Thanks, Matt. Appreciate it, and remember, you can always get the latest news and weather headlines right here on I'm Jan Carabeo. Have a great day.