Digital Brief: April 8, 2021 (AM)

Janelle Burrell has your morning headlines.

Video Transcript

JANELLE BURRELL: Good morning. I'm Janelle Burrell with your morning digital news brief for this Thursday, April 8. A suspect is dead. And a Philadelphia police officer is recovering after a shootout in Logan.

It started with a traffic stop on West Somerville Avenue. Investigators say a 24-year-old man, who fired at police, was shot and killed. The officer was shot in the foot.

President Biden expected to unveil his first attempts to curb gun violence today. He's set to announce plans for modest moves, designed to begin revamping federal gun policy. One of them is expected to classify so-called ghost guns as firearms.

And firefighters return to the scene of a warehouse fire in Camden County. The fire reignited late last night at the Johns Manville Plant in Winslow township. This happened less than 24 hours after a four alarm fire at that same plant.

Now, let's get a check of the forecast. So nice today, Llarisa. But I know all the things must come to an end.

LLARISA ABREU: That is absolutely right, Janelle. You just said it best. Another gorgeous day on temp for us today. But as we approach Friday, we are tracking a pattern change.

Across the region, highs in the city will be close to 71 degrees. We also anticipate lots of sunshine on this Thursday. If you're down the shore, a sea breeze will keep temperatures at bay. And we're going to be tracking cooler conditions along the Jersey Shore points by up to 10 degrees, compared to places further inland.

If you're up in the Poconos, another comfy day on tap for you-- lots of sunshine, a daytime high of 63. Now, a few showers are possible here, as we approach Friday evening. 6:45 shows a few showers developing across the Lehigh Valley up through the Poconos. The same holds true for our Saturday.

Now, neither Saturday or Friday promises to be overly wet. But come Sunday, widespread rain returning to the region. Some of it will be steady. We will even be tracking afternoon thunderstorms.

JANELLE BURRELL: All right, Llarisa, thank you very much. And remember you can always get Llarisa's most up to date forecasts and the latest stories right here on That is the latest for the morning digital brief. I'm Janelle Burrell. Have a great Thursday.