Digital Brief: March 16, 2021 (PM)

Jessica Kartalija has the latest headlines.

Video Transcript


JESSICA KARTALIJA: I'm Jessica Kartalija with your evening "Digital News Brief" for Tuesday, March 16. Selling the stimulus. President Biden traveled to Delaware County this afternoon to tout his COVID-19 relief plan. The president stopped by Smith Flooring, a small business in Chester. He talked about how tough it's been for small businesses to navigate the difficult economic climate due to COVID-19-related shutdowns, and he described how the $1.9 trillion stimulus package will help boost the local economy.

JOE BIDEN: 100 million people are going to be getting not a joke, a check for $1,400. It'll change their lives. As you know, so many of the people you have worked with have got themselves laid off, they want to work, you found yourself hard paying the rent. Hard paying for child care, hard paying for much of anything. So I just think that, I hope that the program that we're having here, we're going to have tax cut to help retired workers. We're in a situation where we going to expand the Paycheck Protection Program for the folks who were initially shut out.

JESSICA KARTALIJA: President Biden also stopped by a rec center in Darby during his Delaware County visit. COVID-19 restrictions in Philadelphia will remain in effect for now. City officials say they will not align with the state in allowing larger crowds. Meantime, it could be easier for Philadelphia residents to get vaccinated. The city will allow some people who are qualified to get vaccinated without appointments at the convention center. Half will go to walkups.

That will start tomorrow and will last for a week. Also announced today, the city will move into the final stage of vaccinations by May 1. That's when they will be made available to everyone. In Delaware, the outlook continues to improve, as COVID cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are steadily declining. And efforts to vaccinate residents are also improving. More than 300,000 doses have been administered.

JOHN CARNEY: We've made tremendous progress getting vaccines out. 20% of all Delawareans have received at least one shot.

JESSICA KARTALIJA: Today Governor Carney also announced that the vaccine availability will be expanded. Starting tomorrow, pharmacies can begin vaccinating adults 50 and older. Hospitals and health care providers will be able to vaccinate patients that are 16 and older with risks of high and moderate medical conditions. A lucky lottery player in Montgomery County became an instant millionaire. A scratch-off ticket worth $3 million sold at JK Petro gas station on Westmoreland Road in Willow Grove. It's all part of the $3 million Extravaganza Scratch-Off game. The extra $10,000 will go to the store for selling the ticket. You can always get the latest on these stories and more here on That's the latest for the "Evening Digital Brief." I'm Jessica Kartalija.