Digital Brief: March 21, 2021 (AM)

Jan Carabeo has your morning headlines.

Video Transcript

JAN CARABEO: Good morning, everyone. I'm Jan Carabeo with your Morning Digital News Brief for Sunday, March 21. Police were called to break up a large crowd in North Philadelphia this morning. Video from the Citizens app shows officers on the corner of Front Street and Allegheny Avenue. Police reported that objects were even being thrown at them. But fortunately, there are no serious injuries to report. A man is in a hospital today after an early morning shooting in North Philadelphia. Police found that 30-year-old man just before 4:00 AM this morning at North Broad Street and West Susquehanna Avenue. He is now in stable condition after he was shot several times in his legs.

And SEPTA temporarily closes its Somerset Station . The transit agency says drug use and homelessness have given them no choice but to close the station to make repairs. The head of the Transit Workers' Union says they were blindsided by the closure and they say they could have come up with a better solution if they had only worked together. Now to the Eyewitness Weather Forecast. Here is Meteorologist Matt Peterson. Hi, Matt.

MATT PETERSON: Yeah, hey, good morning, Jan. Going to be a good one for us today. Spring started officially on Saturday morning. And we're going to have our springlike conditions continue through our Sunday. A nice mild day for us with sunshine this afternoon. We keep it actually pretty warm all work week. But we have our first real legitimate chance at maybe a few showers or thundershowers as we head towards the end of the week as well. So our spring pattern ramping up pretty quickly. Overall our Sunday, sunshine for us. Temperatures today jumping up into the low 60s which is really comfortable.

Now overnight tonight could get a little bit of light patchy fog to develop across South Jersey. Temperatures will be dropping down into the 30s. We're actually going to end up probably a little bit above our typical average lows for this time of year. 34 in the city. We're looking at more of those 30s across the majority of the region as well. Monday afternoon, a lot like today except our temperatures creep up even a little bit warmer into the low to even some areas could start to touch towards the mid 60s on Monday. But again, a lot of sunshine for us.

And by Tuesday, we continue that warming trend which is great, but we also get a few extra clouds that start to filter in. Temperatures right around 65 in the city on Tuesday afternoon. Then it's a shower or thundershower chance towards the end of the week. By Wednesday, our first of two systems roll in. For the most part, it's just some late and spotty rain showers for us. It's dry on Thursday. But with an influx of some southerly winds, we start to see warmer and also more humid conditions as we [? prime ?] the atmosphere for a cold front that will come through on Friday.

And that could bring that potential for, yes, a few rumbles of thunder for the end of our work week. So 62 today. 63 both Monday and Tuesday. A stray shower on Wednesday with a high of 61. And then, Jan, 68 on Thursday. And yes, 70s, but that chance for maybe a thunderstorm on Friday.

JAN CARABEO: Still, 70 degrees with a thunderstorm, I'll even take that. All right, Matt, thank you. Remember you can always get the latest news and weather headlines right here on I'm Jan Carabao. Have a great day.