Digital Brief: May 15, 2021 (AM)

Jan Carabeo has your Saturday morning Digital Brief.

Video Transcript

JAN CARABEO: Good morning, everyone. I'm Jan Carabeo with your morning Digital News Brief for a Saturday, May 15. New information about Philadelphia's handling of human remains from the MOVE bombing. Mayor Jim Kenney, now, says, the remains that were originally thought to have been cremated years ago are, in fact, still intact.

He says the box containing what appears to be those remains was located in a medical examiner's office yesterday afternoon. Now, on Thursday, Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley resigned after admitting he ordered that the remains be cremated and disposed of back in 2017. But now, we're learning that those orders were ignored. An investigation is ongoing.

A shooting that wounded four people in West Philadelphia in a convenience store there is now under investigation. The shooting happened around 9:30, last night, at 56th and Market Street's. We're told all of the victims are now in stable condition. Police are looking for the gunman and a motive.

And LaSalle University's classes of 2020 and 2021 will have more than one reason to remember graduation day. Today, 3,000 students will receive their diplomas at Lincoln Financial Field. The Linc, of course, is big enough to meet Philadelphia's coronavirus mandate, and still, allows families to attend. This is the first off campus graduation since 1996. Now to the Eyewitness weather forecast with meteorologist, Matt Petersen. Hi, Matt.

MATT PETERSON: Hey, good morning, Jan. It's going to be a nice, warm one today, and overall, the whole weekend looking pretty good. Sun-filled Saturday for us, a few extra clouds maybe tomorrow, but overall, high temperatures are in the 70s. So we're in that nice seasonable range for the springtime, and there is a threat for maybe a shower or an isolated rumble of thunder to kind of roll through. But the better chance for that will actually come on Sunday.

For today in the city, 77 degrees for the high and mostly sunny. The chance is out there for a stray shower or thundershower. A little bit of instability mixed with some warmer temperatures will feed into those chances. Then tomorrow, we're not quite as warm. 72. is still very comfortable for us, but again, that spotty thunderstorm chance, a tick or two higher tomorrow compared to today.

If you're down on the shore, this weekend, it is dry both days. Saturday, sunshine and 71. Tomorrow, a degree or two cooler, 69. But overall, sunshine, still, relatively mild nonetheless.

Future weather for us, not a whole lot to really talk about. Heading into the afternoon, a few clouds are out there. After about one o'clock through about five o'clock, during that peak heating, that will be our best chance to see those spotty showers come on through. It's dry on Sunday morning, a few extra clouds are out there. But then, again, through the afternoon during the peak heating time frame, a slightly higher chance for a few scattered or spotty thunderstorms for us to round out the weekend.

So 77, again, today, 72 tomorrow. It is dry to start the workweek. And Jan, check out what happens to our temperatures Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, climbing back up into the 80s.

- Heating up. OK, Matt, thank you, and remember, you can always get the latest news and weather headlines right here on I'm Jan Carabeo. Have a great day.