This Digital Tape Measure Makes DIY Projects So Much Easier

Photo credit: eTape16
Photo credit: eTape16

From Popular Mechanics

We’re all for anything that makes home improvement easier. While we have many DIY guides to assist you with those more complicated projects, and love high-precision tools, sometimes you just need something quick and easy. And when it comes to measuring, this neat little electronic tape measure has a lot to offer.

The digital gauge is great for any of us who have a phobia of fractions or poor eyesight. And not only will it show you the measurement, but it also continues to display it after the tape slides back into its holster-no more measuring again if the tape accidentally slips. Plus, you can set it to measure from the back of the body, making it easier to use in tight spaces.

According to some Amazon reviewers, it may not be 100 percent accurate all of the time, sometimes providing measurements 1/16 of an inch off. So for projects that demand precision, use a precision tool. But for when you need general household measurements quickly? This tool will ensure there’s no errant guestimating that’ll result in returning a couch or a curtain. You’re welcome.

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