The Digital Trading Platform BtLux Launches the Latest "BSCC+SEA Double Coin Depository"

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Singapore, Singapore--(Newsfile Corp. - October 18, 2021) - A digital transaction platform from Singapore called BtLux launched its latest "BSCC+SEA Double coin Depository", which has been the 11th phase. Its feature "Pay as soon as trap" attracted market attention quickly under the volatile market.

For a long time, the shortcomings of the single source of income and the huge fluctuation of the yield curve in the cryptocurrency market have been criticized by the traditional financial market. However, the introduction of structured products represented by dual currency deposit has effectively improved these weaknesses, allowing investors in different fields to share the dividends of the development of the digital asset market.

Insiders pointed out that dual-currency deposit is essentially an advanced financial product. Maybe ordinary investors are not very familiar with options. However, in traditional financial markets, options have been widely used in different investment strategies to reduce risks for a long time. From the beginning of 2020, the COVID-19 has been superimposed on long-standing economic recession expectations, which has caused drastic fluctuations in the global market. In this context, the need for financial markets to reduce risks by using options to construct various financial strategies and combinations has become prominent. This demand directly leads to a sharp increase in the actual trading volume of options in 2020, because more ordinary investors begin to focus on this slightly long-existing financial tool.

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The emergence and prosperity of the options market is an important sign of the maturity of traditional finance. As an emerging financial field, the cryptocurrency market is also geared with traditional financial markets in the process of continuous advancement and development. With the influx of more and more institutions and ordinary investors into the digital asset industry, the innovation and development speed of the industry has increased exponentially. Options and the financial products in the traditional financial market are gradually occupying a place. Dual currency deposit is a typical representative of the evolution of the traditional financial market combined with current status of the cryptocurrency market.

BtLux dual currency deposit is similar to the one in the traditional financial field. The thinking of converting foreign exchange currency into encrypted currency is similar to the combination conversion method of fiat standard plus currency standard, that means one investment with two benefits. In short, if the price of "BSCC +SEA" rises, users will get more these currency when the deposit is due; if the price falls, they will get more "BSCC +SEA" after compensation. This product design concept not only allows investors to keep up with the trend of the digital economy era, but also avoid the risks brought by currency price fluctuations.

In the traditional financial field, especially in some banks in Asia, dual-currency deposit products have long been quite mature, and their biggest feature is "no fear of rising or falling, crossing bulls and bears." Japan's dual-currency deposits have been popular for 30 years since they first appeared in the 1990s. China Merchants Bank and China Everbright Bank also launched similar products in 2005. And nowadays, in the cryptocurrency market, after bitcoin hitting ATH of 64,986 U.S. dollars in April 2021 and then plummeted all the way, dual-currency deposit with the characteristics of "no fear of rising and falling, crossing bulls and bears" has become a popular choice in the cryptocurrency field.

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"BSCC +SEA" dual currency deposit is from BtLux, a digital asset trading platform established by the Singapore Viewfuture Foundation. The team members are from the United States, Singapore, Canada and other countries, and the asset management team comes from brokers, banks, insurance company, with more than 10 years of experience. BtLux clearly stated that "the same proportion of SEA and BSCC shall be deposited in the subscription time, and the interest calculation period is 120 days.

For most investors, any market is uncertain, and it vibrates 80% of the time. It is difficult for investors to profit from the investment market. Since 2020, people have witnessed the vigorous development of traditional financial tools such as options, deposit, and strategic trading booming in the digital asset industry; they also witnessed the exponential growth of DeFi, NFT, and Metaverse and the further increase in demand for structured products. These financial innovations are the result of the accelerated development of the multi-level capital market in the field of digital assets, and are a manifestation of the increasingly sophisticated crypto industry. In the future, the digital asset market will be more diversified, allowing more differentiated capital to share the dividends of the development of the digital asset market.

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