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- We're covering Colorado first on CBS four news. Hello, I'm Dylan Thomas reporting from the CBSN Denver studio. We want to help you find the vaccine you need. So many of you are still searching for an appointment.

More sites are opening up today. Some of those opening today include the Independent Center and Voces Unidas, which are both in Colorado Springs. The state's health department is also opening a disability community vaccine clinic at the Pascal office in Lakewood.

1,000 college students in Larimer County will be getting their doses. The county's health department says, it's giving 1,000 Johnson Johnson doses to preregistered students at both CSU and front range community college. The additional vaccines are being provided by the state's health department.

Larimer County says with a higher percentage of more vulnerable groups getting the shot, the county is focusing their efforts now on vaccinating groups who continue to have high case rates.

Well, as more people get vaccinated, we're actually seeing more Colorado coming back. The Denver Center for the Performing Arts has announced their return for Broadway performances. This season will start in December with Disney's, The Lion King.

Hamilton, a fan favorite, will be following in February of next year. And other shows that are postponed include Mean Girls, Dear Evan Hansen, and Moulin Rouge, the musical. But you can see a full list of all the shows on

Many Coloradans will be enjoying some time in Wyoming This summer, as Cheyenne Frontier days announced it will be held after being canceled just last summer. Organizers say they weren't sure if it would be possible until a few weeks ago, but now they plan to sell tickets at 100% capacity.

The 10-day event brings in about 2008 million, which is, of course, great news for the Cheyenne community. Well, good news also for those trying to stay cool this summer. Water World will be opening up Memorial Day weekend.

It's been a COVID testing site for months now. But now, the company is looking to hire hundreds of people. A spokesperson for Water World says the park plans to operate at about 50% capacity in mid-july.

Well, we are warming up, and that means we are now on wildfire watch. The governor, state, and federal leaders will discuss Colorado's preparedness for wildfires. This is especially significant because of the intense wildfires that we saw just a few months ago, including three of the largest ever in the state history.

That includes the Cameron Peak fire, with about 200,000 acres burned in Larimer County. It started in August, west of Fort Collins, and the cause of that fire is still unknown. But drought conditions did contribute to it.

Also, the Eastt Troublesome fire, which burned about 190,000 acres in ground county. It sparked, I should say, in October. And that cause is still under investigation. Also, there was the Pine Gulch fire in July. About 130,000 acres burned in that fire. The cause was lightning.

Well, the presentation begins at 11:00 this morning. We'll continue to bring you the latest about what the statewide plan is for the COVID-19 vaccine release.

- Hi there. I'm meteorologist, Dave Aguilera. Well, we've got a busy weather map for you on the map today. We got this big low that blew through here on Tuesday. That's already moving into St. Louis.

High pressure, a flat ridge of that, moving from Arizona into New Mexico. And another cold front coming into the Pacific Northwest. So these two will be affecting our weather the next couple of days.

Today, high pressure moving in. Cold front coming through here. That's going to squeeze some wind this afternoon, so from lunch hour into the afternoon. Pretty strong winds around Eastern Colorado that will ramp up the fire danger.

The front comes through Thursday into Friday. Friday, morning as you look at the weather map here, we have a little bit of snow in the mountains, maybe a couple of inches. And for Denver, we might have a little light rain snow mix in the morning on Friday.

And the big thing, the wind will be a cold wind coming in on Friday before everything moves out by the time we get to the afternoon. Here's the future cast for today. As we take it full, you can see just a few clouds here and there pushing through.

So clear to partly cloudy in the early part of the day. Sunshine for your lunch hour, but the winds will start ramping up at that point. And we might get a few sprinkles of rain in Southern Colorado late in the day today.

Red flag warning for many locations because of the wind we are expecting. And from Fort Collins through sections of Greeley, Deer Trail, all the way out over Eastern Colorado here, we have a red flag warning in that location.

Western Colorado, Four Corners, and also the San Luis Valley up into Fremont County, that's Canon City down there. Winds could go 35 to 40 miles per hour with humidity levels at 10 to 15 from about noon to 8:00 PM today.

If we didn't have that problem, it would be a great day, except for some of the wind we're expecting today. 60s and 70s at the lower elevations, with 50s, 40s, and 60s, in some of the mountain locations today.

So 69 is the high I'm expecting at the airport today. Downtown and some of the suburbs might be closer to 70, 71. It'll be breezy in town. Windy on the West side and out East. And then, tomorrow with that cold front coming through, only 51 for the high.

A morning mix of rain and snow, light precipitation, and it will be windy tomorrow. Back to 70 on Saturday. And then, down to 58 on Sunday, with another chance of a little mix late in the day to finish out the weekend.

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