‘Dimming The Sun’ Could Be A Viable Way To Reduce Climate Change, Says New Research

Patricia Grannum

yellow sun in an orange sky

It may sound a lot like science fiction, but new research suggests that human beings may be able to “dim the sun” to reduce the effects of climate change on Earth. CNN reports that a new study from researchers at Harvard and Yale claims that a process called stratospheric aerosol injection could slash global warming by 50 percent.

Stratospheric aerosol injection involves spraying the earth’s lower stratosphere with sulfates up to 12 miles. If you’re wondering how the sulfates are going to get there, the researchers propose using balloons, a high-altitude aircraft, or large naval-style guns.

They also claim that the approximate cost of this project will be $3.5 billion for the initial setup and then $2.25 billion for maintenance each year for 15 years. The study describes that price tag as “remarkably inexpensive.”

Despite noting the “inexpensive” billion dollar price, they don’t make any solid guarantees that the process will work as they describe SAI as “hypothetical” at this stage.

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