Diners gone wild: Watch an all-out brawl at this upscale Brickell restaurant

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Truluck’s steakhouse in Brickell is where you go for a nice meal out with a sleek decor, expertly prepared seafood and steaks and spot-on service.

But on Friday night, the longtime venerated eatery, with a handful of locations throughout the country, was a scene of absolute chaos as a brawl broke out among diners.

The out of control scene captured on a bystander’s cellphone looks like something out of an R-rated action movie, not a restaurant where entrees run you $40 and up.

According to an incident report from the Miami Police Department, the surf and turf establishment suffered about $7,000 worth in damages as a handful of people threw punches, flung what appeared to be wine bucket stands and smashed glasses and other items.

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MPD spokesman Michael Vega told WPLG that it’s unclear what triggered the altercation between the two tables because the camera only captured the fight midway.

When cops arrived, all parties involved in the melee had fled, and no arrests made.

If anyone is tracked down who was involved, Vega said parties in the clip could face vandalism charges.

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One man taking part in the disturbing video was seen wearing a tank top, though Truluck’s asks patrons to look their best when eating there.

“We are a special occasion restaurant with a strict, upscale dress code and proper attire is required,” says the Austin, Texas-based chain’s website. “Truluck’s is committed to serving fresh seafood, offering live entertainment, and creating memorable moments nightly for our guests.”

Truluck’s declined to comment Thursday and referred The Miami Herald to law enforcement.