Ding ding ding ... we have a winner!: Van Voorhis wins truck with Super Bowl prediction

Heather Kantrud, Fergus Falls Daily Journal, Minn.
·2 min read

Feb. 23—2015 graduate of Fergus Falls's Kennedy Secondary School and current M State student, Steven Van Voorhis was in for the surprise of his life when his Super Bowl predictions on the Super Squares application (app) resulted in being the grand prize winner of a brand new Rivian — a new electric truck on the market.

Van Voorhis ventured away from Fergus Falls when he was offered a job promotion, taking him from the local Westridge Theater to Wisconsin's Menomonie 7 Theatre as the general manager. Both movie theaters are owned by CEC Theatres. He was also involved in local baseball programs.

He first learned of the Super Squares app while listening to Paul Allen on the radio. The free app uses a point system, generating scores based on advertisement engagement and predictions for various NFL games. In the case of Van Voorhis, it was the Super Bowl.

"I opened the Super Squares application a day before the Super Bowl and made my guesses. On Super Bowl Sunday, the game was just starting and I went to check the application to refresh my memory on the predictions that I had made, and the server was down so I was not able to get in. So, I decided to hold off and not be one of the people flooding the server and just sat back and enjoyed the game. After the game was over, I opened up the application and checked out how I did. I saw that I did pretty good on two of the three predictions I made, but I honestly figured that with the amount of people playing that week, I did not have a chance."

Van Voorhis predicted a final score of 30-28 with a Kansas City Chiefs victory with the Chiefs having the most receiving yards with 123 and total combined yards for both teams totalling 708.

While on a work trip, Van Voorhis responded to a voicemail requesting him to call back. Suspicious of a scam, he decided to return the call and learned he was in the top-three scores. Still skeptical, he agreed to join a Zoom call the next day for a Twitch stream where they announced the winner of the Rivian.

"I was shocked! I was not expecting it at all and I was speechless," he said.

The Twitch stream is available for viewing at: twitch.tv/videos/910486833. To view Van Voorhis' reaction, navigate to right around the 30-minute mark.

To learn more about Super Squares, navigate to their website: supersquares.com/howtoplay/.