Dining For Heroes Celebrates Police Officers

From taking criminals off the street to taking lunch orders, these officers had fun!

Video Transcript

- Authorities said today that they have accepted a US offer to dislodge the container ship that's blocking the canal. Take a look at this. You can even see from space how the ship is jammed against the walls of the canal, stopping traffic in both directions. Traffic in the canal has been suspended since Tuesday, after that large container got stuck there. Shipping experts believe it could take days, possibly weeks, to free the vessel. Until then, around 300 ships are expected to pile up in that waterway.

From writing tickets to waiting tables. Police officers from several agencies responded to a North Texas restaurant today to help those who were hurt while on the job. Police cruisers filled the parking lot at Our Place Restaurant in Burleson, as law enforcement filled cups inside.

LONNIE FREEMAN: If you want coffee, tea, or water, you're probably going to get it from a police officer.

- Officers deputies, troopers, rangers, even the Tarrant County Sheriff, put on their uniforms and aprons to serve customers today.

LONNIE FREEMAN: Living the dream.

MARIA ALVARADO: We are so excited.

- Maria Alvarado is the mastermind of the Dining for Heroes event.

MARIA ALVARADO: 100% of the money that we raise goes to our injured officers.

- She started the Peace Officers Angels Foundation in memory of her son, Rick Barreda. The DFW Airport police corporal was killed in the line of duty in 1997. Alvarado's mission focuses on raising money for critically injured officers.

MARIA ALVARADO: A lot of them don't go back to work. And it's their calling. What we do is we give them hope and we're at the other end.

- The non-profit provides financial and emotional support on the long road to recovery.

LONNIE FREEMAN: We greatly, greatly appreciate something like this.

- Lonnie Freeman is the assistant police chief in DFW Airport.

LONNIE FREEMAN: As officers do this job and they get injured, they still need to be taken care of.

- Our Place donated part of its sales to the foundation, while some customers gave tips of their own. Freeman says events like this show we are all in this together.

LONNIE FREEMAN: We are one. And when we take this uniform off, we're fathers, sisters, brothers, mothers. And so, yeah, we want to be part of the community.

- Now, if you would like to donate we have put a link to Peace Officers Angels Foundation on our website cbsdfw.com. Just look under links and numbers.