Dinosaur-themed activity occupies youngsters at museum

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Oct. 17—The Anniston Museum of Natural History hosted a drop-in program filled with dinosaur-themed activities Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Several stations were set up for kids to join in the dino fun with activities such as face mask coloring and faux fossil excavation with the help of the friendly museum staff.

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One such station had various stamps of dinosaur parts where kids could stamp out a dinosaur all their own. Museum staff member McKayla Carpenter was there helping with each station.

"This one's my favorite — excavation station — where we made some quote 'fossils' where we put different things in them that students can come over and be a little paleontologist and excavate out of," Carpenter said. "So they can open these up with all their little tools and get some fossils and things out of it."

The "rocks" were made of a coffee, flour, and salt mixture, and had various things inside them such as small toy dinosaurs, shells, or impressions.

The small gathering of kids didn't shy from getting their hands dirty as they pried open the rocks eager to see what was inside.

Greyson, age 3, had his dad help him use the tiny hammer to drive the tool into the rock to get at the dino toy.

Meanwhile, another boy, Jericho, age 5, used his fingers to pry away excess "dirt" to reveal his faux fossil impression.

Stickers, jokes, card-matching games and big dino feet that could strap on to little shoes — there was no shortage of activities to do.

Carpenter said she believed last year was the museum's first Dino Day, which had a great turnout, so she hoped to have a little bit of that same level of interest.

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