Diontae Johnson

Fearless Forecast: 1092 TOTAL YDS, 93 REC, 7 TD.
Projected Rank: 12

Video Transcript


SCOTT PIANOWSKI: When we're talking about receivers, commanding targets is a skill. And it's a skill that Diontae Johnson has, man. It doesn't it matter that the quarterback play has been pretty bad in Pittsburgh the last couple of years Roethlisberger's last lap. And I don't know, maybe Mitch Trubisky will be a mess, maybe Kenny Pickett will play, maybe he won't. We'll see what kind of growing pains he has.

But Diontae Johnson's targets seem assured. He'll be the alpha in this passing game. And that gives him a very high floor, especially in PPR leagues. I got him, Johnson, as my wide receiver 12 as we enter the teeth of the draft season. I'm going to give him 93 catches, 1092 yards, and 7 touchdowns for 2022.