'Dirty Soap' Cast Reveals Secret Celebrity Crushes

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Many cast members on E!'s "Dirty Soap" are in serious relationships, but that doesn't stop the soap opera stars from having very active imaginations.

With whom would the actors -- who are allowing reality TV cameras into their lives -- hop into bed if they could choose any celebrity to get dirty with? Some of their answers are positively scandalous.

"Days of Our Lives" actress Nadia Bjorlin's first celebrity crush was Brad Pitt, but she has since been inspired to switch teams.

"Now I prefer his other half, Angelina ... though I wouldn't kick either out of bed," Bjorlin told The Huffington Post.

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Bjorlin's "Days" co-star Galen Gering and his wife, Jenna, both happen to be crushing on women, too.

"I have made out with a lot of women in daytime television -- but after meeting her, my No. 1 new crush is, hands down, Ellen DeGeneres," Galen said.

Jenna, however, has her eyes on the "Modern Family" star and resident Latina hottie. "It's Sofia Vergara. She's funny and hot. What a woman," Jenna said. "Days of Our Lives" actress Farah Fath is also joining the girl crush club. "My celebrity crush is Emma Watson. Oops. That's a girl," Fath told us.

Fath's long-distance love, "One Life to Live" actor John-Paul Lavoisier, has a crush who is, thankfully for Fath, far in the past -- and pretty unresponsive. "I was madly in love with Punky Brewster. Oh, Punky! Why didn't you ever respond to my fan letter? Why!?" Lavoisier said.

Maybe he should try again.

"Dirty Soap" airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on E!

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