Disability Rights Activist Carrie Ann Lucas Passed Away at 47

Disability rights advocate Carrie Ann Lucas died at age 47 after allegedly being denied critical medication. An obituary on Lucas’ Facebook alleges her insurance company denied her medication, which it says ultimately caused her death. Lucas had a rare form of muscular dystrophy. She got a cold in January 2018 that transformed into a lung infection. The post alleges she was denied funding for a specific antibiotic and she reacted poorly to the alternative she was given. Her health worsened and she lost major functions, like her ability to speak. Her partner Dr. Kimberly Jackson said Lucas went into cardiac arrest and died from complications of an infection on February 24. “United Healthcare’s attempt to save $2,000 cost over $1 million in health care costs over the past year,” the post stated. “This includes numerous hospitalizations, always involving the Intensive Care Unit which is par for the course of ventilator users. This is a great example of why people with disabilities should not be forced into insurance or health plans and why we need Medicaid as the primary health delivery system for this country.” Lucas championed the rights of parents with disabilities and ran a legal service organization called Disabled Parents Rights. In 2018, she successfully lobbied for Colorado law to be changed so parents can’t be denied custody on the grounds of having a disability. She also adopted and raised four children of her own, each of whom lived with a form of intellectual or physical disability. This video, "Disability Rights Activist Carrie Ann Lucas Passed Away at 47", first appeared on nowthisnews.com.