Disabled Oregon woman on mobility scooter arrested after leading police on low-speed chase

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    Really, A HELMET, on a mobility scooter. GET REAL! I'm disabled and on a good day can WALK faster than most of them go!
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    "officers stopped her for riding the scooter on a sidewalk without a helmet"

    I'm sure that wast he most pressing matter.
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    This is what multiple officers spent their evening protecting the town from.
    The cop had to Google what the law was?
    Do chefs have to Google recipes?
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    i guess the laws vary by state and locality, but i see those things on sidewalks all the time
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    Navy vet from 1978
    Must have been a slow night for the Brookings Police Department
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    Of all of the things that they could have been doing, they do this.
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    So, does this mean that Walmart is going to start issuing helmets for the people that ride in their stores?
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    I haven't seen any video, but the headline photo shows her in the middle of the street. Was she also driving in the street? That would make a big difference.
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    Crazy that they stopped her for needing a helmet to ride a medical scooter, but if she's blind, maybe not so safe to have her cruising down the sidewalk on her own, helmet or not.
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    Previously, the police has just come off a trying time for ticketing the owner of a dog for peeling on a fire hydrant.