Disabled woman found in tow yard after mom left her in car for 9 days, WA cops say

A 28-year-old woman who is severely disabled was left alone in a car for nine days before she was found, police in Washington said.

The woman’s 45-year-old mother left her in a parked car at a gas station in Kent on Feb. 5 before walking away, Kent Police Department said in a news release on Facebook.

The gas station had the car towed to a tow yard in Burien, police said, and the woman was still inside.

After nine days, police said they responded to a call from the woman’s sister, who reported her missing.

Police contacted the gas station and then the tow company, which found the woman inside the car at the tow yard.

The daughter had spent over a week in the car as temperatures nearly reached freezing, police said.

She was taken to the hospital in a serious medical condition.

“We are extremely relieved that we were able to locate and rescue the victim. If not for the efforts of our officers and the support of King County Sheriffs and Fire, this incident would likely have ended in tragedy” Kent police chief Rafael “Raf” Padilla said in the news release.

The investigation is ongoing.

Kent is about 20 miles northeast of Tacoma.

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