These Discounted Osprey Bags Make Perfect Travel Companions

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Who doesn't love to travel? But without proper preparation, it can be a headache when you get to your destination. You're ready to explore, but all your stuff is in complete disarray. It helps to saddle up with some travel bags that help keep things organized, and Osprey-who makes some of our very favorite backpacking bags-is discounting their travel and waterproof bags just in time for your summer adventures.

With tons and tons of bags on sale, it's a bit hard to get your bearings but a good place to start is Osprey's assorted sets. There's the Stuffsack set, which includes three different-sized bags, for just $27, down from $34. With a cinch-close, it works as advertised-just stuff, cinch, and pack.

If you like a bit more order to the chaos, Osprey also has a Zipper set that also includes three sized bags only with zippers instead of a cinch. These are $24, down from $30.

The last set is Osprey's Packing Cube set, which stacks inside your suitcase and zips all the way around. This will help you keep certain articles of clothing sorted so you can unpack at lightning speed at your hotel or Airbnb and get on with your vacation. They're $30, down from $38.

Here are few other deals to check out if you happen to be absconding on some globe-trotting adventure anytime soon:

  • Ultralight Stuff Pack: $24, down from $35.
  • Ultralight Shoe Cube: $19, down from $24.
  • Ultralight Zip Organizer: $24, down from $35.
  • Packs Document Zip: $36, down from $45.
  • Packs Daylite Shoulder Sling: $32, down from $40.
  • Ultralight Dry Sack: $16, down from $20.
  • Unisex Duffel: $32, down from $40.
  • Ultralight Boot Cube: $20, down from $26.
  • Packs UL Stuff Tote: $25, down from $35.
  • Packs Stealth Wallet: $16, down from $20.
  • Check out all the deals right here.

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