How to get discounted pet insurance

Considering pet insurance? You might be eligible for multiple discounts. / Credit: SALIH GULER/Getty Images
Considering pet insurance? You might be eligible for multiple discounts. / Credit: SALIH GULER/Getty Images

Investing in pet insurance can be a smart way to protect your pet — and your pocketbook. Not only can it defray the costs of emergency veterinary care, but some plans even cover wellness checks and preventative measures, which can help your furry friend live their longest and best life.

The price of pet insurance varies widely and depends on the type of animal you're insuring, as well as its breed and age, the insurer you choose and your location. Fortunately, discounts may be available.

Reach out to a pet insurance professional today who can help you get the best rate possible.

How to get discounted pet insurance

Are you considering buying pet insurance? Here are some discounts to explore.

Upfront premium discountsMilitary discountsBundling discountsMultiple pet discountsSenior discountsAdopting or training your petKeeping your pet healthyWorking in certain industriesUpfront premium discounts

Most pet insurance companies allow you to pay your annual premiums either monthly or upfront. Typically, paying upfront will come with a small discount.

A recent quote from Embrace Pet Insurance, for example, showed the difference between an annual and monthly premium for a mixed-breed, 6-year-old female dog was $12 across the year. With Lemonade, it was a $33 difference.

Military discounts

If you're an active duty military member or veteran, you also might qualify for another discount.  Fetch's military discount is currently 10% — and extends to military families, while the discount with Embrace Pet Insurance is 5%. If you're a member of USAA, the discount could be as much as 25%.

Bundling discounts

Bundling your insurance policies — in other words, getting several policies from the same insurer — is always a smart way to save on your premium. This might mean getting your pet insurance through your car or home insurance provider (like Nationwide) or through your rental insurer (like Lemonade). Lemonade, for example, offers a bundling discount of 10%.

Speak to a representative now or explore your options by using the table below.

Multiple pet discounts

Insuring multiple pets through the same provider is another way to save on your premium. A few examples include Embrace Pet Insurance (10%), Lemonade (5%), ASPCA (10%) and Figo (5%).

Senior discounts

If you're a senior and a member of AARP — the American Association of Retired Persons — you can also get a discount on pet insurance. Just make sure to buy through Fetch and have your AARP membership number on hand. AARP members get a 10% discount on their monthly payments.

Adopting or training your pet

If you adopted your pet from a rescue or shelter, this can sometimes qualify you for a discount, too (Fetch offers a monthly 10% discount for insuring these animals).

Fetch also offers premium discounts for training your pet in some type of medical service. All support, comfort and therapy pets currently enjoy a 10% discount through the company.

Keeping your pet healthy

Embrace Pet Insurance's "healthy pet deductible" is another discount you can explore. While this one won't save you on your annual or monthly premium, it can reduce your out-of-pocket deductible — and significantly over time.

Here's how it works: If you don't file a claim for an accident or illness for a full year, you'll get a $50 credit toward your next year's deductible. You can also get additional $50 credits every subsequent year you don't file a claim.

Working in certain industries

Your job may qualify you for certain discounts, too. If you work in animal care—as a veterinarian or for a veterinary office—or as a first responder or healthcare professional, this would qualify you for a discount with Fetch or MetLife.

Pet insurance discounts vary

Not all these discounts are available through every insurer, so be sure to shop around if you're looking to take advantage of them. You should also see if your existing insurance companies offer pet insurance (or have a partnership with a pet insurer), as this could qualify you for a bundling discount.

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