Discover DFW: Visiting The Fort Worth Nature Center

Visitors to the Fort Worth Nature Center and Wildlife Refuge can be one with nature, without ever having to leave the city limits.

Video Transcript

- You know, sometimes you just need to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. Madison found a tranquil retreat in this week's Discover DFW.

MICHAEL PEREZ: This is a great place to come to unwind, to relax, to shred that stress.

- Visitors to the Fort Worth Nature Center and Wildlife Refuge can be one with nature without ever having to leave the city limits.

MICHAEL PEREZ: Fort Worth is the 12th largest city now in the country. So having a 3,621 acre park here for the city of Fort Worth is so, so amazing.

- A unique place that offers a generous serving of greenery with a nice side of education.

MICHAEL PEREZ: We tried to invite the community to come out and learn about all facets of nature.

- The center offers an array of guided hikes from ones focusing on insects and camouflaged animals to maybe the most detailed hike offered in DFW called the one meter hike.

MICHAEL PEREZ: So all the things that you can see in one meter. And we can spend the whole time talking about all the fascinating things that are finding in a one meter span.

- A world of diverse habitats.

MICHAEL PEREZ: We have Crossed Timbers Forest. We have aquatic areas like behind us. And we also have prairie habitat.

- All home to a diverse animal population that includes a rambunctious herd of 17 bison. Tell me about the bison.

DANIEL PRICE: Absolutely. So--


- They are a little active.

DANIEL PRICE: I cued her to do that for you. So I wanted to make it real active, right?

- With one bull and three new calves.

DANIEL PRICE: Everybody likes to see babies, right? So if nothing else, if people wanted to come out just to see the babies, I'm OK with that because we're gonna teach them so much more as they get to the property.

- Offering guided tours where guests can help to feed the herd, a species that was previously nearly extinct now being protected for generations to come right here in north Texas at the Fort Worth Nature Center. The center offers a membership program called Friends of the Fort Worth Nature Center which gets you not only free admission but also free access to most of their programming. And by the way, Karen, staff tells me that a fourth bison calf was born just days ago.