New Discovery+ reality show challenges couples to review their sex tape with relationship coach

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Caitlin V Neal coach on ‘Good Sex’ (Discovery+/ YouTube)
Caitlin V Neal coach on ‘Good Sex’ (Discovery+/ YouTube)

Discovery+ has premiered its newest reality show, Good Sex, which challenges couples to review their sex tapes with a relationship coach.

On Friday (19 August), the streamer released the first three episodes of the series, which sees sex coach Caitlin V Neal help different sets of clients with their intimacy issues.

“After a decade of coaching, I have found that what clients tell me is going on in the bedroom, is not the full story,” Neal explained in the trailer for the series.

“So I’ve come up with a radical approach. I’ve asked my clients to put cameras in their bedrooms.”

Afterwards, Neal reviews the tape with them to discuss where things went wrong. Audiences are shown censored clips of the footage as well.

Many of the issues Neal addresses range from erectile dysfunction and mismatched libidos to orgasm troubles and more.

“My goal is to find a neutral and compassionate base from which to receive information from them,” Neal told the New York Post.

Ben and Annie on ‘Good Sex’ (Discovery+)
Ben and Annie on ‘Good Sex’ (Discovery+)

“I want people left with a sense that whatever they’re going through in their own intimate lives is normal, and there is hope. It’s OK to seek help.”

The first three episodes of Good Sex are available to stream now on Discovery+.