Disguised women caught trying to get COVID vaccine

Florida authorities say two women who dressed up to make themselves appear as older adults in an attempt to get coronavirus vaccinations were turned away and issued trespass warnings. (Feb. 19)

Video Transcript

You know what you have done? You've stolen a vaccine from somebody that needs it more than you, and now you're not going to get your second one. So that's a whole waste of time we just wasted here on this. And we're not even sure if they're going to press charges against you and take it to jail right now. So we're at that point right here. But just for your selfishness of stealing the vaccine.

OK. This is a trespass warning. You are hereby warned you are not authorized, licensed, or invited to be in these premises and may be arrested if you refuse to leave a return at any time in the future. It's this building. It's our other building. It's our--

Parking garage.


Anything. The whole property around here. You're not allowed to be here no more.

We will never be around

It's ridiculous that you're here right now.

We are so sorry.

So your information to be flagged with the vaccine software.

Your Martha?

If you try and do this again--

Here's your copy.

You're not going to get a vaccine.

I know, we are so sorry.

So you got to wait your turn. All right so those are yours, car keys. You're going to get a copy of each one of those. If you come back, you're going to get arrested. Any question about that? You're lucky you not getting arrested right now.

We really appreciate. Sorry.