Disinformation, politics and ideological strife: Our civilization is showing cracks

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Vote for solvers

Honesty, honor, dignity, decency, truth and unity are all under attack. Fault lines are appearing in modern civilization, while disinformation, ideology and political ambition prevent a collective approach to repairing them.

We have a very short time to regain control over the global complexity we have created, and we cannot stand still and do nothing. It is time to bring new and innovative ideas to bear on this crisis.

Beginning with the midterm election, I urge you to vote for candidates — of either party — who seem to be more focused on problem-solving than on party loyalty.

- Patrick Shannon, Lawrence

Popularity contest

The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact would apply the one-person-one-vote principle to presidential elections. This initiative, which has been passed by 15 states and the District of Columbia, pledges the states’ Electoral College votes to the candidate who wins the popular vote.

It would give candidates a reason to campaign in all 50 states so that every voter, in every state, would be politically relevant in every presidential election. This would increase voter turnout and help ensure the peaceful transfer of power.

- Kelley Keisch, Troy, Missouri

World Cup win

In his June 22 guest commentary, “Kansas City winning World Cup games is no score,” (14A) economist Peter Jacobsen argues that hosting World Cup games will be a net economic loss for Kansas City. To the contrary: Landing FIFA games is a big positive.

FIFA represents the world’s most significant, globally recognized professional ownership and players, with fans who will not miss watching World Cup games. Kansas City and the region stand alone in the Midwest among nine other FIFA venues in named stadiums near an ocean or Gulf Coast water.

Kansas City and Arrowhead live in that flyover place no one visits. We have barbecue, blues music, the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, Sporting Kansas City, Union Station and the Federal Reserve, all recognized worldwide for architecture, art collections and venues for live performances. Our region has a legendary history in soccer with facilities unrivaled in the U.S. and the world.

Having World Cup games here expands the awareness of Kansas City and Midwest regional assets exponentially.

- Merlin C. Spencer, Overland Park

Easier trips

I’m glad to see a bit of good news this past week, with the RideKC Micro Transit program being expanded in Johnson County. (June 30, KansasCity.com, “JoCo rideshare program expanding next week. Here’s where riders can go using micro transit”) Expanding the reach and frequency of public transportation is an effective way to reduce traffic and gas prices. It would be nice if we didn’t have to drive everywhere all the time.

- Richard Pund, Overland Park

Yes to amendment

What an amazing society we live in. On one hand, we have those who share sonagram pictures on social media, schedule photo shoots to capture their beauty during pregnancy and host elaborate gender reveal parties. On the other hand, we have proponents for abortion rights who maintain the unborn are not living, human beings worthy of protection from the moment of conception.

While Chiefs fans speculate about the future of their beloved quarterback’s unborn son, God’s followers are being criticized for their belief in the dignity and sanctity of human life. I, for one, will not apologize for my beliefs and will continue to display my yard sign supporting the “Value Them Both” amendment to the Kansas Constitution on the Aug. 2 ballot, as is my right.

- Jane Zaccardi, Olathe

Not just you

To the Republican appointed justices of the U.S. Supreme Court: Your daughters or granddaughters may be spared the trauma of carrying a rape or incest induced pregnancy to term. Your family may never encounter a gun wielding killer at school, your place of worship, a grocery store or on a busy street corner.

Unfortunately, even your family and descendants won't be spared the consequences of your eviscerating the ability of the Environmental Protection Agency to regulate harmful emissions. We all breathe the same air and will suffer the ravages of unchecked climate destruction.

- Rochelle Harris, Kansas City

History’s verdict

Decades from now — if our democracy or even our country still exists — will history show Donald Trump or Rep. Liz Cheney as the true American patriot willing to place country over politics to defend and support our Constitution and freedoms?

- Terry Campbell, Basehor, Kansas

Train hazards

The National Transportation Safety Board shows up only when the media coverage of an incident goes beyond the local level and the railroads need a good cover-up. It will put all the focus on the dump truck driver in the recent Mendon, Missouri, derailment and not on speeding trains and rail crossings without signals that the agency allow.

Local residents and the media ought to get right in NTSB representatives’ faces and ask hard questions about with the brush-humped, skewed, dusty crossings and poor lighting on trains.

- Robert Todd Pines, Sullivan, Missouri