Disney closes Florida parks amid Hurricane Ian

Yahoo Finance Live anchors discuss Disney closing its theme parks as Florida braces for the impact of Hurricane Ian.

Video Transcript


- Walt Disney World reportedly will close all four of its Florida theme parks on Wednesday and Thursday due to expected severe weather from Hurricane Ian, which is currently forecasted to pass over Central Florida. Now, the company had already announced it was going to close some properties Wednesday-Friday, including Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort Campground. In addition to Disney, Universal Orlando and also SeaWorld announced they will be closing for two days due to Ian. Dave Briggs fresh off a plane from Orlando.


- You it down, took the trip just in time.

DAVE BRIGGS: Yeah, got out just in time. We were a little bit worried about it. I know someone here at Yahoo! was planning to be there all week, had to cancel. But I will tell you, being in Disney World and in Universal was a reminder that this is the weirdest recession we've ever seen, if in fact, we are in a recession.

Every park, every ride, everywhere you go, every restaurant is packed to the gills, beyond capacity in some cases. And not just that, it's 174 bucks per ticket at Disney World, but it's the people that are paying to skip the lines and to get the Lightning Lane as they call it. Every one of those is sold out and long lines waiting on those. This is a strange time in which either we are not in a recession, people saved up and they're just still getting that post-pandemic travel out there, or Disney World and parks like Universal are 100% completely recession-proof. I'm not sure which is the case.

- I don't know.

DAVE BRIGGS: Yeah, but it was--

- It's expensive.

DAVE BRIGGS: --stunning to me.

- Yeah that is stunning. I was surprised. I actually thought that you were going at a good time, since it was right after school started. I didn't think it was going to be that crowded. I thought you guys played it right. So you played it right weather wise, but I guess it could have been--


- Maybe it could have been much more crowded if you hit it during some of those prime spots, but that's interesting.