Disney Cruise Line touts secret bar at Captain Hook barbershop among adult treats on Disney Wish

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While Disney Cruise Line has plenty of stock keeping kids happy, for its new ship Disney Wish, the adults will find more options in more places to stay entertained than other ships in the fleet.

That includes a secret bar found at Hook’s Barbery, one half of a double salon offering that marks the first time DCL has had standalone hairstyle venues. The other half is the Untangled Salon, with Rapunzel-themed flourishes from Disney’s “Tangled.”

But who better than Captain Hook from “Peter Pan” to headline the ship’s European men’s salon? He’s a bit of a Dapper Dan so to speak, so the space will feature leather chairs, ornate golden mirrors and pirate-themed adornments such as an inlaid wooden map of Never Land. Even Tinker Bell will flit about if you keep an eye on three lantern fixtures about the venue.

But the best feature arguably is the hidden bar boasting pre-Prohibition bourbons, vintage whisky and port, aged rum and premium spirits. The line calls it a “liquor enthusiast’s paradise.”

On a much longer hair-theme, Untangled Salon, will feature floating lantern light fixtures and cut-metal screens based on Rapunzel’s paintings plus a signature chandelier in the floral design featured in the 2010 film.

The venues are among several new adult escapes announced by the line for the ship set to debut out of Port Canaveral in June 2022.

Also on the list is the line’s first ever outdoor spa retreat and several new bars and lounges.

“With the Disney Wish, we wanted to design an experience that allows our grown-up guests to relax, recharge and reconnect in unique ways that only Disney Cruise Line can create,” said Imagineering exec Laura Cabo in a press release. “Not only did we infuse more storytelling and enchantment into the adult-exclusive venues, but we added more variety and made them more accessible than ever before.”

The ship’s Senses Spa will be the first in the fleet with an ice lounge and also will spill over to the outside while whirlpool spas, lounges and yoga sessions. The spa features both private treatment rooms and spa villas for couples.

While the line already announced a Star Wars-themed bar on the ship, several more unique spaces will be littered about the ship. The placement is different than the adult spaces on its other vessels, most of which are placed adjacent to one another.

The line wanted to spread the offerings out to give parents “more opportunities to enjoy ‘me time’ throughout their cruise,” according to the press release. The venues also embrace the Disney tradition of storytelling.

That includes the Keg & Compass pub with a rustic 1800s Norwegian sailor’s map room design. Design pulls from Norse seafaring with a ceiling design of a global maritime map that calls out locations important to the Walt Disney Company including the design and construction of the ship itself, plus a few homages to saltwatery characters like Ursula and Moana.

As a pub, this will be the place to watch sports events and enjoy three custom craft brews exclusive to the ship along with a wide selection of beer plus liquor, wine and cocktails.

In deference to the song “Sing Sweet Nightingale” from 1950′s “Cinderella,” is piano bar Nightingale’s, which will have fine wine, bubblies and cocktails. Located off the Grand Hall, it continues the hall’s fairytale theme.

The prime home for cocktails will be The Bayou, a New Orleans lounge themed to “The Princess and the Frog,” specifically the “marsh” (aka swamp) where Tiana and Naveen get in touch with their inner amphibians. Each will have their own bronze statues along with two gazebos for some intimate seating on opposite sides of the lounge.

Home to live entertainment, the venue will also have specialty coffees and for fans of the Big Easy’s Café du Monde, here’s the place to find beignets.

With four announced bars plus three previously announced premium dining experiences as well as segregated pool space, Disney Wish will offer more for the 18 and older crowd than any other ship in the fleet.

Disney Wish will be the first of three of a new class of ship, all powered by cleaner burning liquefied natural gas, being built for DCL at the Meyer Werft shipyard in Germany. The ship will make its maiden voyage on June 9, 2022 from Port Canaveral as it takes over the three- and four-night Bahamas sailings duties currently in the hands of Disney Dream.

When it debuts, it will have been more than a decade since the line’s last ship joined the fleet in 2012.