Disney employee punched in face by park guest angry over FastPass at Tower of Terror

Alex Lasker

It's a brawl world, after all.

Disney World's iconic Hollywood Tower of Terror ride rose to a new level of horror earlier this month when a park guest's qualm escalated into a physical altercation.

The visitor, a 23-year-old woman from Chicago, and her family allegedly became angry upon learning their FastPasses — special tickets given out in limited quantities each day that allow recipients to cut the line on designated rides — were not valid at the popular attraction during their July 13 visit.

When a 23-year-old Disney worker offered to help the group with their FastPasses, they only became more incensed, leading the employee to call for a supervisor, the Orlando Sentinel reports. 

The Chicago woman then began pushing random buttons on the ride podium, which employees say could have affected ride safety, according to a police report.

The Disney employee asked the woman to stop and eventually pushed her hand away, which the tourist retaliated against by punching the worker in the face.

The group then continued yelling profanities at the employee before leaving the area of the ride. Security was able to track them down, and the Chicago woman was issued a lifetime ban from the park.

"We don't tolerate unsafe behavior," a Disney spokeswoman told the Orlando Sentinel.

The employee involved suffered a swollen eye but declined to press charges against the attacker.

Earlier this month, California authorities investigated after a violent brawl broke out at California's Disneyland Park in Mickey's Toontown, an area of the theme park catering to younger visitors.

Footage of the fight, which went viral on YouTube, showed a group of parkgoers from the same family throwing punches at one another as stunned bystanders, some with children in strollers, looked on in horror.

Other adult parkgoers and Disney employees were eventually able to break up the melee before Anaheim police arrived on the scene. 

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