Disney removes healthy gumbo recipe after Louisiana revolts


There's one golden rule to gumbo: It's not good, unless it's really, really bad for you.

Disney recently came under fire after the company posted a video titled, "Princess Tiana’s Healthy Gumbo." The recipe included such non-traditional, healthy ingredients as quinoa and kale — and Louisianans everywhere just weren't having it.

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All across social media, people lambasted the otherwise magical company for its terrible gumbo appropriation. Not only did the company include nutritious ingredients (the horror!), it further failed to start the recipe with a roux.

By Tuesday night, Disney took down the recipe from where it was posted on multiple channels. Thankfully, folks who still want a taste of Disney gumbo — whether to consume or mock — can still follow the recipe below. Facebook user David Hilbun made a video that included the original Disney recipe, as well as clips of people's righteous (and sometimes justified) social media outrage.

Do not mess with Louisiana, folks. They will come after you with Twitter pitchforks and Facebook ammo. It doesn't matter that you're the most magical company on Earth.

When you attack Gumbo, you attack Louisiana. They will wish upon a star for your destruction.

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